By Wesley Lyons | Photograph from Mecca Gamble

I am from North Braddock, Pa., and I attended Woodland Hills High School. During this time, I earned academic and athletic honors, and I also excelled at football. After graduating in 2006, I received scholarship offers from many renowned universities, and I decided to attend West Virginia University (WVU).

While at WVU, I continued my education and became a valuable member of the football team. I graduated a semester early in 2009 with a business degree, and I pursued my interest in football on a professional level. My passion and hard work paid off. I was picked up by the New York Jets for the off-season, and then I signed to play with the Pittsburgh Steelers. These experiences motivated me to tell my story and become the author of the best-selling book, “The Pursuit with Patience.”

From beginning to end, “The Pursuit with Patience” is both inspiring and heart-rending as I share the obstacles I faced in my pursuit of an NFL career. It is a telling story of how faith in oneself can lead to insurmountable victories and how staying patient, while aggressively working toward your goals, can help you achieve your dreams.

With the tremendous success of my book, The Pursuit program emerged. I am now the president of The Pursuit, LLC. I created The Pursuit program to target at-risk kids who need extra encouragement to excel in their academics and provide a platform for students to acquire additional knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to be successful individuals and life-long learners.  

This dream came together because I had a vision. My father pushed me and helped me to create the vision of being successful. After my father passed away, I took the values he and my family instilled in me and elevated them. Everything starts with a vision, and if you put hard work behind your vision, you can do anything
you imagine.

When I wrote my book, “The Pursuit with Patience,” I wrote it to inspire and leave my legacy behind. The book that YNGBLKPGH is developing serves a similar purpose. YNGBLKPGH is shining a light on the untold stories of the positive black influences in the area, and the organization is building a camaraderie among the community through inspirational stories. This will be powerful for our previous, current, and, most importantly, next generations. This will show our local youth that there is more to our black community than what is portrayed in the news. Through YNGBLKPGH, we are creating our own story and highlighting the successful individuals within our Pittsburgh communities, which will ultimately leave behind a legacy of our own. 

Former Pittsburgh Steeler Wesley Lyons is the author of “The Pursuit with Patience” and the president of The Pursuit, LLC. For more information, visit

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