by Katie Green | Photos from Burton Morris

The artwork that will be splashed all over the city during the One Young World Summit might look familiar to you — like Andy Warhol’s signature silk screen, the recognizable, vibrant, and colorful Burton Morris art has been chosen to be the theme image for the One Young World Summit this month. “My inspiration for the artwork was the vibrancy of the city, the iconic view of the three rivers meeting at the Point, and the idea of an earth tree in place of the fountain, representing growth and vibrancy in the city of Pittsburgh,” says Morris.

World Stage - Burton Morris Art

We’re thrilled to see the artist and his work representing Pittsburgh to the world, and there is a synchronicity between his story and the city’s — Morris grew up right here and is now an internationally recognized artist. This month, our growing and changing town will be in the global spotlight as well.

World Stage - Burton Morris Art

Next up for Morris are shows in Singapore, Austria, and Germany, as well as a 20-year retrospective show at the Senator John Heinz History Center next year. But for now, his focus is on One Young World. “They’re bringing in young people who are future leaders of the world. They’ll remember being here, and that will help bring business and other projects,” he says. “This is a huge honor for Pittsburgh because it’s showcasing our city to the world.”

Burton Morris, One Young World Summit,


This article is featured in the October 2012 issue of WHIRL Magazine.
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