Edited by Matthew Hacke, Olivia Kappler, + Maggie McCauley | Photographs by Sarah Collins, Michael Fornataro, + Charlie Magovern | Event florals provided by Greensinner

For the last three years, WHIRL Publishing has honored the hardworking women of Pittsburgh with WHIRL’s Women in Business networking event. But as the event has continued to grow and evolve, we decided the title wasn’t as fitting anymore. The multifaceted females in this city are not just excelling in business; they are making names for themselves in the fields of medicine, education, nonprofits, technology, home, arts, and humanities. Our society is not thriving just from the contributions of Women in Business, but from all Powerful Women of the World. To honor this impactful group and introduce its members to other like-minded, community-focused women, we hosted a networking breakfast at Rivers Casino. During the gathering, WHIRL Editorial Director Christine Tumpson spoke about the importance of building each other up as opposed to tearing each other down, and the necessity to focus on kindness, love, and equal opportunities for all. She then presented a call to action that we, as women, must answer. If we work together and support one another’s strengths, we can build a solid foundation for a more fruitful future. Then, our guests broke off into more intimate groups to create closer connections and share more ideas, which led to former strangers leaving the event with each other’s business cards in hand and plans for meetings next week. How powerful is that?

[Thanks to the event,] I am setting up two individual mentoring meetings, and within our group of 15, we are continuing the dialogue. ” — Renee DeMichiei Farrow

What a fabulous event! I was put in a group with other event planners — some I knew and some I made new friends with! I loved trading business cards and really getting to know my group better!” — Tonya Edinger

Thank you for an amazing, encouraging, engaging day of networking and meeting the outstanding women of Pittsburgh. The energy in the room was amazing, and Christine’s enlightening speech inspired everyone to support all of the women in our lives.” — Lisa Freeman

Liana Maneese, Sydney Olberg

Nina Williams, Sandy DiGregory, Missy Tambellini

Christine Tumpson

Lauren Norris, Tori Mistick

Lauren Foley, Kara Himich

Brittany Collins, Amanda Wilson, R’chelle Mullins, Barbara Arroyo, Brittany Houser, Lola Sims

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