West Penn Hospital Specialist Designs Fitted Lab Coats for Women

Dr. Leslie Designer Lab Coats, fitted lab coats for women

Photo from Karen Meyers

By Colleen Ferguson

Add this to the “why hasn’t anyone done this before?” list: fitted lab coats for women. That is the same question Dr. Leslie Latterman asked after graduating medical school and receiving her first professional lab coat. “It’s an exciting moment to get your first coat,” says Latterman, a hospital medicine specialist at West Penn Hospital. “And then it fits like a tent, and has all these features just for men. It’s frustrating because you want to look professional as a woman, but you just can’t.” So, over the next six years, Latterman created a list, with the help of fellow female physicians, of what a lady-like lab coat should include. Dr. Leslie Designs collaborated with fashion design and textile experts from around the world to develop modern updates — like tags to clip a pager or name badge, pockets large enough to hold a tablet and handheld devices, and a soft yet stain-resistant fabric — as well as gender-specific details, like a hidden clip to secure jewelry and an attachable wallet. Latterman also included designer touches of Burberry-style epaulette’s, with velcro to secure a stethoscope, sleeve cuffs, branded buttons, and a colorful collar available in classic tan or signature pink. Since over half of today’s medical school graduates are women, Dr. Leslie Designs is revolutionizing feminine professional medical attire. “We command respect as a physician and as a woman,” Latterman says. “And we want to be fashionable but still be professional.”

Dr. Leslie Designer Lab Coats, designerlabcoats.com.
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