Today’s brides and grooms are all about experimenting with their photos, trying out diverse poses, backdrops, and locations, in order to create some of the most unique wedding shots we’ve seen to date. Western Pennsylvania’s finest wedding photographers are already ahead of the curve, and their inspirational photos speak to a new generation of couples daring to be different in their wedding portraits.

Just Us Two

Shannon Kelly and Brad Poleski

“One of the things I love about this shot is that is has really bold color. This was a post-wedding shoot because it rained the entire wedding day, and they didn’t get any photos outside. Their wedding was in the city, and this was in the country, so we did it a little different, and the posing was more relaxed.” — Autumn DeLellis of SkySight Photography

Sweet Romance

Holly Napolitano and Rob Miller

“I like the shot because it’s very romantic. They were just a really fun couple, and they wanted something different, so we decided to shoot them through the water. I love that look of the bride and groom through the water!” — Dianne Adrian of Dianne Adrian Photography

Fairytale Dream

Erin Solana and Sean Flynn

“Pictures are made with light, and sometimes God gives you just the perfect light for a picture. This is just one of those moments. We snuck away with Erin and Sean and were able to catch an intimate moment of reflection in the most perfect light.” — Michael Williams of Michael Will Photography

Never Letting Go

Courtney Rost and John Anderson

“The first time I met with them was on the day we shot their engagement photos. They were a really fun couple to shoot, very silly, smiley, warm people. As I was making adjustments to my camera, I looked up and realized that these two were going to need very little posing. They gaze at each other with such ease, and kiss so passionately!” — Rhaina Taylor of Rhaina Taylor Photography

Come Rain or Come Shine

Renee Colpo and Joe Lane

“Nothing shattered their day, even though it was pouring down rain. This photo shows you what they’re ready for in their marriage. It was truly amazing to watch them.” — Michelle Fulton of Michelle Fulton Photography

True Beauty

Jennifer Borgesi

“Jennifer was a former bridesmaid of mine, so I was thrilled when she asked me to photograph her wedding. In this picture I was very much taken aback by her porcelain beauty. Truly the ideal picture of what a bride looks like on her wedding day.”  — Andrew Kilpatrick of Andrew Stephen Photography

Stroll Through The Park

Sara Cunningham

“The ceremony was held at Frick Park, and we loved shooting in that big, open environment. We had a little bit of time to photograph with the bride before everything started, so I think the photo gives a sense of the bride’s anticipation before the ceremony in the scale of the photo and her scale relative to that.” — Sean Blair of The Brand Studio

Shine Bright

Carolyn Miller and Chris Rice

“Strong storms were in the forecast for the day of their wedding. Even though the rain never materialized, we decided to make a last-minute stop at one of our ‘rain locations’ on the way to the reception. As Carolyn and Chris shared a moment alone in the shade of the Sewickley Bridge, we took advantage of the setting evening sun.” — Derrick Bash of Studio Bash Photography

Snapshot Memories

Carrie Scott and Kevin Sullivan

“The essence of ShutterBooth shows perfectly in this photo by Goldstein Photography! The bride and her guests were posing, laughing, and having such a wonderful time capturing memories in the ShutterBooth photo booth! The guests took home fantastic photo strip keepsakes, and Carrie and Kevin were presented a photo guestbook containing all of the fun images and personalized messages from each guest at the end of their reception. This was a wonderful family and planner [Meg Helsel] to work with, and we were honored to provide them with their unique ShutterBooth experience!” — Brandi and Tom Patterson of ShutterBooth

Make A Splash

Jaime Carter and Steven Drey

“The thing that I liked about this photo is that they got in the fountain at PPG with their wedding clothes on. It was the groom’s idea to jump in the fountain, and she loved him enough to jump in there with him. It just shows how this couple lives life to the fullest.” — Joey Kennedy of Joey Kennedy Photography

In A Flash

Robbie Peters and Tom Carnaggio

“This image will be one of my all-time favorite images forever! It demonstrates my unique artistic vision and passion for creating works of art while documenting what others see as a typical moment occurring at a wedding. I love to create these gifts for my clients!” — Joanne Bartone of Joanne Bartone Photography

Be Bold

Stephanie Scherer and Jason Crandell

“Stephanie and Jason’s wedding day was all about two things…authenticity and details, which is exactly why we loved working with them. We loved that Stephanie took the time to style herself with thoughtful details like a feather headpiece and amazing purple shoes. However, the greatest accessory of all was Stephanie’s adventurous spirit and willingness to sit in the grass! We told her it would be worth it and it was!” — Jillian Cosey of Ann Louise Photography

Swept Away

Jessica Booth and PJ Kokoski

“They were a really fun couple, and they wanted to do something unique. They had 60 people come to Mexico for the wedding, and they took me and Jack as the photographers. We just wanted something that was going to let them remember the fun times that they were having on the beach. For a destination wedding, how much better can you get?” — Laura Ruppersberger of Laura Ruppersberger Photography

Flash Mob

Taryn Terchanik and Matt Vorndran

“Sometimes, the best photographs are right behind you! When Taryn and Matt were introduced to their guests at their reception, Jamie from Houserockers DJ asked if anyone in the crowd wanted a photograph of the newly married couple. Madness ensued as the dance floor suddenly turned into the sideline at the Super Bowl!” — Vincent Pugliese of Elizabeth Vincent Photography

Everlasting Kiss

Kara Marie Brown and Joe Trombetta

“This is one of my favorite photos because it’s very unique and sexy. I loved that this photo not only showed them, but it also showed their reflection. There are not many photos like this in wedding albums. Capturing a sexy moment in a bathroom was something a little bit different, and the couple loved it.” — Elizabeth Craig of Craig Photography

Light Of My Life

Dana Harrigan and Philip O’Toole

“This is one of my favorites because it’s unique to that venue. The couple had their reception at the Fox Chapel Golf Club, and the lighting of that room made it a unique space. It’s inside, but it looks like it’s outside. It’s just a beautiful, beautiful place. When I saw that fountain with that spotlight on the flowers, I waited for it to get dark for that shot, and the couple graciously agreed to make a portrait in that location. They really liked the lanterns, so it was nice to be able to incorporate those into a portrait of them.” — Robin Pesa of Bellissima Photography

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