By Rachel Jones

Marvel at the cutting-edge technology that keeps our families safe on the road

We’ve seen cars become bigger, faster, and smarter over the years, keeping up with technology’s leaps and bounds. The safety department is no exception. These features are categorized into two groups: active and passive. Active safety features work to prevent accidents from occurring. Features like lane-keeping technologies, autonomous braking, and blind spot detections have become increasingly popular among drivers purchasing a new vehicle. Should an accident or emergency take place, the passive safety features, which include seatbelts and airbags, engage to keep the passengers safe. Pittsburgh’s automotive leaders remain on the cutting edge of safety advancements to provide us with top-of-the-line features and the added comfort of knowing our loved ones will be protected every time they get behind the wheel.

Come along for the ride as we gauge the new and improved options for 2016 and 2017!

#1 Cochran

2017 AUDI Q7 | Photograph from #1 Cochran

Photograph from #1 Cochran

2017 AUDI Q7

Key Features:

+ Vehicle Exit Warning
– Warns passengers exiting the parked vehicle if another vehicle is approaching from the rear

+ Turn Assist
Uses radar to detect oncoming traffic when making left-hand turns at an intersection

+ Traffic Sign Recognition
Utilizes a camera-based system to detect speed limits, no passing zones, and school and construction zones
Displays information inside the vehicle for the driver

+ Traffic Jam Assist
Combines intelligent distance and cruise control for semi-autonomous driving in heavy traffic
Controls acceleration, braking, and steering assistance at up to 37 mph

+ Audi Pre Sense Basic
Reduces seat belt tension, automatically closes windows and sunroof, and activates emergency flashers when emergency event or collision is detected

+ Cross Traffic Recognition
Sounds a warning tone, and applies the brake if necessary, when a vehicle is detected while pulling out of a parking space with an obstructed view

+ Collision Avoidance Assist
Specifies an active steering torque to reduce a collision with the vehicle in front of the Q7
Calculates the distance, width, and lateral offset of the vehicle in front of the Q7
Guides the Q7 on a safe path around the other vehicle

+ Night Vision Assistant
Uses front-mounted, infrared cameras to display the road ahead for a better view at night

+Audi Active Lane Assist
Decreases unintended lane departure and potential collision events by using a forward-viewing camera and electromechanical power steering to warn the driver when the Q7 leaves the current lane without a turn signal


Photograph from #1 Cochran


The Infiniti Safety Shield helps the driver avoid accidents and protects passengers in the case of an unavoidable accident.

Key Features:

+ Backup Collision Intervention
– Uses radar and sonar sensors on the back and sides of the vehicle to alert the driver if there could be a potential collision with a crossing vehicle while backing up
Automatically engages brakes if the driver does not stop

+ Predictive Forward Collision Warning
Senses the relative velocity and distance of the vehicle directly ahead of the driver and the vehicle traveling in front of the preceding one

+ Blind Spot Intervention® and Blind Spot Warning®
– Alerts the driver of vehicles in blind spot areas while changing lanes
Helps drivers return back to the center of the lane

+ Lane Departure Warning and Lane Departure Prevention
Detects unintentional drifting in the lane and automatically assists the driver with returning to the center of the lane

+ Forward Emergency Braking
Alerts the driver via screen display and sound if deceleration is required
Generates a force that pushes the gas pedal up and slowly applies partial braking to decrease speed
Automatically brakes harder if a possible collision is detected

“There are many features that are attainable at value pricing. The more active and passive safety systems that you can have in your new vehicle, the higher the potential is to survive, if not totally avoid, a collision event.” — Michael Dixon of Audi Pittsburgh

Cochran Infiniti Galleries in North and South Hills, Audi Pittsburgh from #1 Cochran,

Bobby Rahal Automotive Group

Photograph from Bobby Rahal Automotive Group

Photograph from Bobby Rahal Automotive Group


Key Features:

+ Torque Vectoring
Provides additional control and cornering precision via targeted rear wheel braking

+ Park Assist
Helps drivers maneuver in and out of parallel parking spaces while they operate the gas and brake pedals

+ Adaptive Cruise Control with Que Assist
Allows the driver to set a desired speed and distance from the car in front of the vehicle
Alerts the driver in emergency situations
Stops the vehicle before impact, if needed

+ Surface Progress Control
Maximizes traction between 2.2 and 18.6 mph by taking readings from vehicle sensors
Maintains progress at low speed using optimized throttle, gear, and Automatic Brake System inputs

+ Adaptive Surface Response
Recognizes low and medium grip road conditions then controls the torque applied

+ Lane Keep Assist
Uses a forward-facing camera to determine lane position and monitors steering to detect unwanted lane deviations
Applies counter-steering to return driver to proper lane position

+ Blind Spot Monitoring
Monitors a 230-foot zone behind the vehicle and detects vehicles that could cause a threat during lane changes
Signals detections with a lighted icon in the side mirror

+ Traffic Sign Recognition
Scans the road ahead for traffic signals and displays them on the instrument cluster

+ Intelligent Speed Limiter
Flashes a ring around the speed indicator when the speed limit is exceeded

Photograph from Bobby Rahal Automotive Group

Photograph from Bobby Rahal Automotive Group

2016 VOLVO XC90

This vehicle received a 2016 Top Safety Pick+ with Superior Front Crash Prevention due to its good ratings in the small overlap front, moderate overlap front, side, roof strength, and head restraint tests, plus an advanced/superior rating for front crash prevention.

Key Features:

+ City Safety
Avoids collisions up to 31 mph
Mitigates collisions at all speeds over 2.5 mph
Detects pedestrians and cyclists, even at night

+ Standard IntelliSafe Technology
Relays road sign information
Issues lane departure warnings
Engages Electronic Stability Control to improve traction and avoid skidding

+ Run-off Road Protection
Tightens the front seat belts and cushions the vertical forces that can occur on hard terrain if the vehicle accidentally departs from the road

+ Rear Collision Mitigation
Calculates the risk of collision as a vehicle approaches from behind
Activates the pre-tensioners before the collision and applies full auto braking to prevent the vehicle from being pushed into another vehicle or into an intersection during the collision

“The XF was introduced into the U.S. market in March of 2008 and immediately established itself as representing the beginning of a new era for Jaguar, embodying the new generation of ‘beautiful cars’ and defining a new way of driving: sporting luxury. Along with this came new technology that has enhanced the driving experience and continues to evolve with new and improved safety features year after year.”

— Larry Poglein of Bobby Rahal Jaguar

Bobby Rahal Jaguar, Bobby Rahal Volvo,

 Day Automotive Group

Photographs from Day Automotive Group

Photographs from Day Automotive Group


EyeSight acts as an extra set of eyes on the road and has earned the highest possible rating for front crash prevention by the IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety). The option may even qualify drivers for additional vehicle safety feature savings on their auto insurance.

Key Features:

+ Adaptive Cruise Control
Keeps the vehicle at the chosen distance the driver would like to stay behind the vehicle directly ahead by automatically adjusting the speed

+ Pre-Collision Braking
Alerts the driver and applies full braking force in emergency situations to prevent or reduce frontal impacts

+ Lane Departure and Sway Warning
Monitors the vehicle’s position and alerts the driver if an unintentional sway out of the lane occurs

+ Pre-Collision Throttle Management
Detects objects in front of the vehicle that are likely to be hit
Reduces power from the engine to help minimize the possible impact force and frontal impact damage

Photographs from Day Automotive Group

Photographs from Day Automotive Group


Key Features:

+ Blind-Spot Detection
– Uses radar sensors to warn drivers if a vehicle is sensed in the blind spot areas with a visual indicator in each side mirror

+ Lane Change Assist
Alerts the driver with a flashing indicator in each side mirror if it senses a vehicle approaching a neighboring lane when the turn signal is activated for a lane change

“Years ago, very little was devoted to safety with the design of automobiles. Over the years, and after the Ralph Nader book ‘Unsafe at Any Speed’ was published, the public demanded that more safety features and designs be incorporated into modern autos.”— Bill Eggert of Day Automotive Group

Day West Liberty Subaru, Day Apollo Subaru,

Admire even more amazing vehicles at the 2016 Pittsburgh International Auto Show!

More than 500 cars, trucks, and SUVs from 35-plus manufacturers will be on display at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center from February 12-15. The biggest attraction of the event is the new Galleria Exotica, which features sports cars from 1975-2015 that are sure to get hearts racing. Look for appearances by Pittsburgh Live Radio, former and current Pittsburgh Steelers, and Pittsburgh’s sports mascots throughout the weekend, too! 2016 Pittsburgh International Auto Show,

General admission: $12
Military members and seniors: $10
Children under 12: Free

+ Everyone gets half-priced admission on Monday, February 15!

The excitement for the 2016 Pittsburgh International Auto Show revs up February 11 at the Red CARpet Premiere, where attendees get a special, behind-the-scenes look at the show before it opens to the general public. Peruse the remarkable vehicles as you enjoy a savory, strolling dinner; Champagne cocktail reception; and dancing to REDLINE and Dr. Zoot. Christy and Joey Porter will serve as the honorary committee chairs for the evening, which supports the Autism Society of Pittsburgh and Allegheny Valley School. Last year’s event netted $360,000 for the nonprofits, and this year is gearing up to top that total! For tickets and more information, visit

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