Top 10 Reasons to Take Prenatal Yoga Classes

By Claire Baer, owner and instructor at Yoga Innovations

1. Strong mama = strong baby. Period.

2. Alleviate aches and pains. Carrying all of that new weight in the front is bound to make your back tight, your hips hurt, and your feet swell. You will learn techniques to counter the inevitable.

3. Build strength. The stronger we are, the more are able to carry — inside and outside of the womb — and the more comfortable it becomes.

4. Increase flexibility. Your muscles get stronger, therefore they need more elasticity to make them more effective.

5. Increase flexibility. Yes, twice! This time, we’re talking about the mind. Your Warrior pose might not feel as strong one day as it is before, or you might not even be able to do Downdog. You learn that it’s OK. Your birth plan might not go as expected, you might cry the first time your baby sleeps in his/her own bed. That’s OK, too.

6. Build confidence. If you can rock out a Tree pose while growing a human inside of you, you are more of a super hero than you thought. Learn to use and love your body more efficiently through each and every stage of pregnancy.

7. Improve circulation. Slowing down your breath and focusing on your body helps move the toxins out of the way. Then, everything can operate more efficiently.

8. Teach yourself to rest when you need to. This applies to labor and life after baby. You have probably heard the age-old advice of “sleep when baby sleeps,” but let’s get real. It’s very hard to settle ourselves down when there’s so much work to be done. Learn the techniques to quiet the mind, even when it’s the last thing you truly want to do.

9. Identify your emotions. Before baby is born, you’re swirling with emotions and hormones, often wondering if you would be thinking/feeling this way if you weren’t pregnant. Then, when baby comes, it’s a game changer. You are sleep deprived, healing, and trying to “do it all.” Then, you find yourself sobbing over your new bundle of joy for absolutely no reason. Learn to separate the hormones and mood swings from your true emotions and be OK with it, or ask for help if it’s needed.

10. Learn to breathe. If you can manage a full breath — pregnant, in a yoga pose — you can do it when your baby decides to scream its pretty little head off. Breathing comes in handy.

Note: Just remember to check in with an instructor, as your body changes rapidly and may need modified moves!

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