I Am Number Four director D.J. Caruso finds his inspiration in Pittsburgh

When director D.J. Caruso settled into Pittsburgh to begin shooting the feature film I Am Number Four, he was instantly inspired by our gorgeous city. From Downtown to the ancillary communities around it, Pittsburgh proved to be a “compelling, artistic place,” for Caruso, known for his work on such films as Eagle Eye and Disturbia. “It made a lot of sense for me to shoot the movie [in Pittsburgh],” Caruso says. “The crews are getting better and better and stronger and stronger from all of the productions that have been going on there.”

The movie opens February 18, and is based on the book by Pittacus Lore and being produced by Michael Bay. Part action, part science fiction, and part coming-of-age tale, it follows the journey of John Smith (former Burberry model Alex Pettyfer) and his out-of-this-world powers as he masquerades as a normal teen — and tries to elude a deadly enemy, while winning the heart of a gorgeous blonde (GLEE’s Dianna Agron).

When Caruso wasn’t filming, he could be found lounging in his Cork Factory loft or sipping lattes at the 21st Street Cafe in the Strip District. He also stopped in for sweets at Enrico Biscotti and Peace, Love & Little Donuts in the Strip District. “I feel very blessed to be doing what I’m doing when I get to experience a city like Pittsburgh for three or four months. I get to understand the town and the rhythms of it. The city is very inspirational.” He pauses. “Even if it’s raining.” For more information on movies filming in Pittsburgh, visit pghfilm.org. — L.M.

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