The New and Improved Laughlin Children’s Center

By Rachel Jones

Laughlin Children’s Center strives to keep our youth on the path toward bright, healthy futures. By providing educational, speech and language, occupational therapy, psychological, and early childhood services, the nonprofit helps children ages 2-18 establish a strong foundation and find success. Thanks to a recent 950-square-foot addition to the campus, the center can support more clients than ever before! The changes began shortly after the campus’ 2012 renovation wrapped, as the group realized they still needed more therapy spaces to properly care for everyone. In September 2015, the center unveiled five counseling rooms; one occupational therapy room; and one Parent-Child Therapy room, which is great for decreasing negative behavior through counseling sessions with parents and their children. “The great thing about our expansion is it allowed us a bit of breathing room,” says Executive Director Doug Florey. “We have been growing by leaps and bounds for the past five years.” And, the $450,000 project came together solely from a series of grants and donations from the staff, governing board, area foundations, and individuals. “Without all of that support, we couldn’t have been able to meet the growing demand for our services,” Florey says. “I’m very thankful and appreciative!”

Laughlin Children’s Center, 424 Frederick Ave., Sewickley. 412.741.4087.

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