Which of us has not dreamed of being Taylor Swift? Wouldn’t we all love to morph our lives into the life of the 20-year-old pop-country singer? She has sold more than 13 million albums worldwide and is the top-selling digital artist in music history. She is the youngest artist ever to win the Country Music Association’s “Entertainer of the Year” and won four Grammy awards last year, including “Album of the Year.” She’s dated the cutest Jonas brother and the hottest boy from the Twilight saga (Team Jacob!), and she’s bested Kayne West like no one ever could. So let’s get serious: What lip color is painted all over those lyric-spouting lips? What frock best fits into her fairytale life? And, what’s the fast food she can’t live without? In this, our third gush-session with Pennsylvania’s own starlet, we ask Miss Swift all of our favorite girly questions. Take notes, and you, too, could walk a mile in Taylor’s shoes — or boots…or skinny jeans.

By Victoria Bradley

style favorites

Store: I actually love shopping at Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie.

Designer: It’s a tie between, Alice + Olivia and Ralph Lauren and Rebecca Taylor.

Jeans: J Brand jeans … and anything “stretchy.”

Shoes: Oxford flats that I got at Aldo. Right now, I wear skirts with knee socks. I’m way into socks and oxford shoes.

Piece of jewelry: A necklace that I got that says “T” on it. I love layering different necklaces and wearing long chains with lockets on them. And sometimes, I’ll go to an antique store, and they usually sell really old, rusty keys for really cheap, like 25 cents each. And I’ll just get a chain and make my own necklace.

Bag: I have this, well — it’s beat up because I’ve been carrying it around with me, dragging it everywhere — it’s this Urban Outfitters canvas saddle bag. I love any bag that looks like you found it in an old campsite.

beauty secrets

Lipstick: I love red lipstick. I love dark lips. I think that that’s just sort of a phase that I’m going through right now that may or may not last me the rest of my life. But, I love playing around with different kinds of make up. I’m at a very experimental stage of my life, as far as make up goes, so I’ll try any new tip that I get. My fallback is always COVERGIRL. And they have a lipstain, those ones that look like markers that you just kind of draw on. And for me those work because I don’t like a glossy finish on my lips because my hair gets stuck in that.

Favorite mascara: I like the orange LashBlast COVERGIRL one. I started using it after I went to all these high-fashion photo shoots, and all of the make up artists were using that mascara. And I was like, this is a dark secret of Hollywood, that they’re not using expensive mascara.

Favorite nail polish: I like anything not typical. I really like blue or purple or black for my nails — or a different color on every nail. I just get so carried away with nail polish, and I can’t choose one color so I usually choose a bunch of different colors. But I genuinely don’t like pedicures or manicures because it chips off anyway because I play guitar.

Shampoo: To be honest, I just use whatever’s around. I’m not above using the shampoo that I find in the hotel room. And I don’t blow dry my hair; I just let it dry naturally and see where we are in the morning. Also, I have not cut my hair in two-and-a-half years.

Moisturizer: I’m always trying different things. I like to go to Target and just walk up and down the moisturizer/face-cleaning aisle and pick whatever’s there. They have new ones every time I go. That’s my sort of guilty pleasure.

Perfume: I switch from different one to different one each time, but I think ones that always work for me are the Gwen Stefani perfumes. The Harajuku girls. I like those.

workout woman

Workout: I have fallen in love with running, and it’s not for the sake of the exercising. It’s really more about the fact that I download a bunch of new songs every couple of days and blast them in my headphones. So it’s an hour of listening to music every night, and it just happens to be good for your health, too. It’s something that I do every night of the week — not on weekends though.

Running gear: The running outfit is shorts, that I get from American Apparel, and, usually, a black tank top. My hair is up in a ponytail, and I wear these Nikes that I’ve had forever.

Running song: I am obsessed with that new Nelly song, “Just a Dream.” I was so excited because I Twittered about the fact that I loved that song, and he Twittered back at me, like “Thanks, baby girl!”

fine foods

Taylor’s specialty: I can make a mean barbecue chicken. I can make really great pasta dishes, just by experimenting with different spices. I make shrimp scampi or, like, this great chicken with capers. It’s really excellent, if I can go out on a limb and say that about my own cooking. I love making an entire meal, starting from making iced tea in a pitcher and then making tomato mozzarella pesto paninis. I love cooking, and I love all the things you can incorporate into it and put your own spin on it. It’s very exciting to me.

Mom’s specialty: She makes everything incredibly well, but most of all, she makes great pot roast. She makes incredible Thanksgiving dinners. She makes great Monkey Bread, which is gooey and cinnamon-y.

Favorite fast food: Wendy’s and McDonald’s! I love ice cream, so I’ll either get a Frosty from Wendy’s and dip my fries in it — or a McFlurry from McDonald’s, or I like to just stop by and get one of their cones. And, I love fries.

Order on a first date: I think that if you feel uncomfortable eating what you want to eat on a first date, there’s your sign; you’re not comfortable around this person. You should not feel like you necessarily have to eat a salad on the first date, just to seem health-conscious. You should eat whatever you would eat if they weren’t there. And, I think that first dates are more fun when they’re unconventional, when you don’t really know you’re on a first date.

Tour food: I like Subway sandwiches and Jimmy Johns. Sandwiches are really good tour foods because you can get that kind of thing in basically every city. And, I like Cheerios (laughs). They make me feel kind of like I’m 7 again, and I think that’s an important part of your week.

Ice cream by the pint: Cookie dough.

Food allergies: No, thank God.

Vitamins: Yeah, oh my God, this is so embarrassing. I take gummy bear vitamins. And I have them in, like, this mason jar on my kitchen counter, and there’s a label on it that says “gummy vitamins.”

daily inspiration

New house: It’s in Nashville, and it’s a condo, and it has a view of the entire city, and I love it.

Favorite way to wake up: Realizing that I’ve woken up earlier than I thought I was going to. And I have more time in the day.

Bad mood intervention: I actually read letters from people. Like, I’ll read fan mail, and it usually makes me feel a lot better. Or I’ll watch Teen Mom on MTV because that’s my guilty pleasure show. I love that show.

Longest celebrity crush: Taylor Hanson.

Gift to give: I love giving candles. I feel like candles are giving somebody ambiance in their home. And, I have an entire gift-wrapping cabinet in my apartment, where I have all of these fake flowers that I’ll hot-glue onto the present and make this huge presentation. It’s a big deal for me.

Favorite charity: It’s whatever hits me, out of the blue; I usually go with my gut on that. I sort of treat it like song ideas, whenever something hits me and I feel it, that’s the direction. And I like that, because it allows me to give to every area that I feel passionate about.

Movie that always makes her cry: Love Actually. Love that movie.

Favorite place to write a song: I like writing them in random places that I wouldn’t expect to write songs. I’ve written songs in airports on paper towels that I’ve gotten from the bathroom. I have written songs in bus bunks. One of early memories of my condo is writing a song, basically in my head. I love when I’m inspired to a point where I don’t even really need a guitar to get the general structure of the song down.

taylor swift interview, whirl magazine pittsburgh, november 2010

Photography: Big Machine Records


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