Take the Cake on Your Wedding Day

By Julie Pawlikowski | Photograph from Oakmont Bakery

Serving up the best baked goods for nearly 29 years, Oakmont Bakery sweetens up any wedding, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, and more. From traditional to modern masterpieces, it also has witnessed the evolution of wedding cakes. “Today, many of our cake decorators have earned culinary and/or art degrees. Our decorators create absolutely beautiful cakes,” says owner Marc Serrao. The bakery combines artistic and culinary excellence for each couple. Adds Serrao, “Everyone loves choices — the more choices, the better.” For weddings with 50-400 guests, Serrao suggests couples choose a smaller two- or three-tiered cake with a dessert table filled with pastries and dessert cake to give their guests plenty of options. “We’ve been doing this for years now and it’s one of my favorite ways to handle dessert.”


Oakmont Bakery, 531 Allegheny Ave., Oakmont. 412.826.1606. oakmontbakery.com

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