By Julie Pawlikowski

Brides everywhere: rejoice! Wedding cakes are no longer the center of attention, as versatile cookies are sharing in the limelight as delicious wedding favors, part of dessert tables, and, of course, starring in the traditional Pittsburgh cookie tables. For those who want to give their guests a variety of delectable treats, Good L’Oven Cookie Shop has cookies worth swooning over. “I think there’s a trend for brides to look at bakeries for a different selection of desserts to offer at their weddings,” says Deanna Soost, owner of Good L’Oven Cookie Shop. While old fashioned cookies are still great (everyone will always love lady locks!), adding some new flavor profiles is a sure way to keep guests coming back for more. Good L’Oven’s cookies are always baked fresh, never frozen, and all the doughs are made with butter instead of margarine or shortening. “You’re getting old fashioned cookies with a new fashion twist,” says Soost. “You’re getting cookies that grandma would make, the same quality, but we can customize them and do a specialty cookie for the bride and groom according to their personal tastes.” They also aren’t afraid to experiment with different flavor combinations. “We come up with as many unique combinations as we can that we think will work in a cookie,” says Soost. Some of their popular flavors are red velvet,, caramel, chocolate brownie, chocolate pretzel, raspberry shortbread with white chocolate (our favorite!) sugar cookie, and the classic chocolate chip cookie. Their small cookies are great for a cookie table while their larger ones are perfect for wedding favors. “I’d love to see somebody do an ice-cream sandwich bar with the cookies,” says Soost. “You can dip them yourself and cover them in sprinkles and everything.” Yum!

Good L’Oven Cookie Shop, 419 Lincoln Ave., Bellevue. 412.616.1251.

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