A husband and wife will always remember the first bite they take of their wedding cake — both for that memorable, photo-worthy moment (face full of icing or not!) and the tastiness of the treat. We certainly couldn’t wait to dig into these mouth-watering cakes during our photo shoot. Just one bite, and we were sold! From classic confections with fruity fillings to spicy desserts with intriguing zest, these cakes from the best local bakeries are sure to leave everyone’s sweet tooth hungering for one more slice!

From left to right:

  • Victorian filigree adds a touch of elegance to this three-tier confection. $3.50 per slice (with buttercream), $4.00 per slice (with filling), $5.00 per slice (with fondant), Priory Fine Pastries.
  • With its bow-like fondant appliqué, this tall, five-tier cake becomes a present guests won’t wait to cut into. Price starting at $5.00 per slice (with fondant), Bella Christies.
  • A standard three-tier cake frosted with buttercream icing will complete the big day. $2.95 per serving plus $60 for gum paste bow, Prantl’s Bakery.

Clockwise from top left:

  • Go for the Pittsburgh favorite: burnt almond torte with wedding crème filling, buttercream icing, and toasted almond garnish. $3.25 per slice, Prantl’s Bakery.
  • Savor decadent chocolate cake infused with hazelnut liquor and filled with rich hazelnut chocolate filling and a center layer of chocolate mousse with fresh raspberries. Chocolate hazelnut buttercream, gold scrollwork, and hazelnut brittle tops it all off. $3.50 per slice, Bella Christies.
  • White chocolate garnish adds a twist on tradition to white cake with a raspberry filling and buttercream icing. $3.25 per slice, Prantl’s Bakery.
  • Spice cake with layers of rich dulce de leche icing and a center layer of slow-simmered cinnamon apples is idea for a rustic autumn wedding. It’s finished with vanilla buttercream mums and apples. $3.50 per slice, Bella Christies.
  • Simplicity is sweet with this delicious white cake with raspberry filling and vanilla buttercream icing. $3.50 per slice (with buttercream), $4.00 per slice (with filling), $5.00 per slice (with fondant), Priory Fine Pastries.

From left to right:

  • Try some high glamour with a four-tier masterpiece featuring sparkling crystal appliqué. Price upon request, Bethel Bakery.
  • Lovely rose details turn this three-tier beauty into an edible work of art. $2.50 per slice, Paddy Cake Bakery. Flowers and toppers must be purchased by the bride and groom and taken to the bakery.
  • Go for a bright burst of color with a lively three-tier cake featuring blue fondant and a rosy floral topper. Price upon request, Sugar Café.

Clockwise from top right:

  • A flower detail piped with cheerful pink icing gives the white almond batter with strawberry buttercream icing an extra sweet element. $2.50 per slice, Paddy Cake Bakery.
  • No one will be able to resist three layers of chocolate, raspberry, and chocolate cake iced in the bakery’s famous French buttercream with a two-layered chocolate buttercream filling. Price upon request, Bethel Bakery.
  • Indulge guests with this honey brandy cake and its four layers of raspberry buttercream filling. Price upon request, Sugar Café.
  • This moist yellow confection covered in French buttercream icing is a spin on convention thanks to two layers of filling: mango and raspberry buttercream. Price upon request, Bethel Bakery.

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