Photography by The Brand Studio

Sara Dvorsky & Andrew Colosimo

Sara Dvorsky insisted to her friend, Sarah, “No, I’m not interested in dating anyone.” But her matchmaking friend persisted, and finally convinced Sara to pass on her phone number to Andrew Colosimo. “She really thought we would click, and she was right,” says Sara, who first met Andrew at Rodney’s Restaurant and Lounge in Irwin. They were surrounded by a big group of friends that night, but they only had eyes for each other, sitting at a table, talking alone the entire time. “And we’ve been talking ever since!” says Sara. Says Andrew, “My wife and I grew up less than half-a-mile apart. For 25 years, we never met or came across each other. Says a lot about timing!” After two years of dating, Andrew planned his proposal, taking Sara on a traditional ice skating date to The Rink at PPG Place. Back at home, it was time to decorate the Christmas tree. After stepping back to admire the ornamented branches, Andrew asked, “Is there room for one more?” He handed her a box, and Sara paused, thinking, “That’s not an ornament of ours,” before realizing it was a jewelry box holding her engagement ring.

The Wedding

“My parents knew we were getting engaged before I did. When I told my mom she said, ‘Yes, we’re going to look at a venue tomorrow,’” recalls Sara. The place was Lingrow Farm in Leechburg, the only space the pair needed to see to know where they would be married. That July, the bride arrived to the ceremony, accompanied by her father, in a horse-drawn carriage. “It was like a Cinderella story!” she says. The couple held a family-oriented outdoor ceremony. Says the groom, “I will never forget the way my wife looked. Waiting for her, while the song ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ was filling the air. Then, the horse pulling the carriage that was bringing my future toward me rounded the bend, and I was swept up by emotion!”

The Reception

The Colosimos danced to “Angel” by Jack Johnson during their rustic reception in a barn on the farm property, twinkling with Christmas lights, and summery floral arrangements designed by Leechburg Floral. But, it was really the couple’s love that brought light to the wedding. “Andrew and I had a really nice connection that day. Everyone says that the wedding was so beautiful just by watching the two of us.”

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