Written + Photographed by Olivia Kappler

Welcome to Sunkist’s Pop-Up Citrus Grove! The huge tent set up in the grassy area of Schenley Plaza is bringing the City of Pittsburgh a little taste of California.

Walking into this event, not only do you get a delightful whiff of citrus, but you are greeted by many Sunkist representatives who are prepared to offer you food and drink samples with a citrus twist, take your photo, and even give you a chance to glide over California with a virtual reality tour!

Local chef Justin Severino of Cure created the citrus-centric menu and will be at the event today, April 20, to discuss his dishes more in depth. “It will be a really fun and interactive experience,” says Joan Wickham, Sunkist Growers’ director of communications.

Sunkist also has several tables of citrusy drinks, orange samples of all different varieties — from the very sweet to the lip-puckering tart! — as well as whole oranges up for grabs that you can enjoy later in the day. If you look closely on the orange, there is a Snapchat sticker, and when you scan it on your Snapchat, you can unlock tons of citrus-based recipes to try at home!

A beautiful backdrop made completely of flowers is Instagram-ready, with a photographer there to take your photo, too. You can #SunkistGrove to connect to all of the other photos from the event.

In addition to all of the foods and photos, you can take a seat in the virtual reality tour and experience the movement, sound, and smell of a real experience of California! You will feel like you are flying through mountains, over the ocean, and into an orange grove. After you’re “trip,” you can sit back and relax in the lounge area in the center of the event.

The pop-up event will be here today from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. in Schenley Plaza. Once you arrive in Oakland, follow the citrusy scent to the big tent and you will know you’ve made it!

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