Classic Rock

Hedy Krenn rolls with a mix of chic style and edgy pieces.

At our photo shoot with the glamorous and very fun Hedy Krenn, her modeling background came out. In the raw space where we photographed, we set up some ladders, and immediately, Krenn ran over to them and climbed up onto one in her metallic platform stilettos, like a little daredevil, turning on some amazing poses. In the background, classic rock ‘n’ roll from WDVE-FM played; fitting, since Krenn is married to Jim Krenn, host of the DVE Morning Show. Since the very beginning, Hedy has been a friend to WHIRL, and we have gotten to know her at the many events where she accompanies Jim. She is always one of the most beautiful, best-dressed women in the room. “I think she’s so beautiful she could wear a potato sack, and I’d still think she looked hot in it,” Jim says. “I’d have to say that any style she chooses to wear that day is a style I’m into.” We finally have a chance to catch up with her and get some insight into her rockin’ style.

How do you describe your personal style?
It’s classic with a rock ‘n’ roll edge, a little twist. So I like clean, sharp lines. But I like that unique piece, that little pop of color that punches things up a bit.

Have you always been interested in style?

Yes. Ever since I was … forever. I love it. I’m a girly girl.

When you were growing up, was there anybody in particular that influenced your style?
I always used to just look at fashion magazines. I like Audrey Hepburn’s style. So over time, over the years, I’d just look at fashion, and I’d look at all the different models. There was Paulina [Porzikova] back in the day. I’d just look at the styles of what people used to do.

Whose style do you admire now?
If I were to raid anyone’s closet, it’d probably be Jennifer Aniston or Halle Berry. They both have just beautiful style.

It seems like you have always had an interest in fitness, is this true?
I’ve always been a runner and worked out in the gym, which led me to want to become a yoga teacher. I work out now at the Center for Specialized Exercise in Bethel Park. There’s an instructor there, Dee Barker, who is incredible; she’s been such an inspiration to me.

How did you become a yoga teacher?
I actually have a bad back. And I had found out through yoga that it got me back to feeling better. And it got me back to a little more of that cut-look physique. It’s good for strengthening and stretching, and it’s good for my mind. It’s quieting. So I thought, ‘this is a great way to keep my back healthy and to keep my mind centered.’

Which type of yoga do you teach?
Hatha. But I do love Ashtanga. So Hatha is a more relaxed yoga, and Ashtanga is more of a physical, more fluid yoga. Moving at a quick pace, and a little more difficult poses with Ashtanga. My certification is from the Himalayan Institute of Pittsburgh in Mt. Lebanon.

How do you incorporate your style in your workout clothes?
I do like to be comfortable, because, of course, I’m working out, but I also like to add a little edge. It’s nice to have some cute outfits, too! There’s a place called Ona in Mt. Lebanon. Sharon Clark owns the store. She has beautiful, she has beautiful, really nice yoga wear. So it’s yoga, but it has like little details on the side.

What are your favorite wardrobe staples?
The boyfriend jacket. I love that. I love those jackets. And then skinny jeans. A good wedge. And of course a good platform. Those are my key pieces.

What kind of style advice would you give to our readers?
I would say that to have some good pieces in your wardrobe and then build around them. You can get a more expensive piece and then build around that with things that might not be quite as high-end. And add a pop of color. Color is always good. And accessories, some great accessories.

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