By Andrea Bosco
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It’s no secret good lighting can enhance the entire mood of a space. With the coming of colorful, fall sunsets and chilly nights around the fire pit, outdoor lighting is crucial. Make your home more welcoming with a well-lit path, or string your pergola with fun bulbs for a gorgeous, glowing effect. For tips on decorative fixtures and saving energy, too, we looked to the specialists at Cardello Lighting.

1) Natural Beauty

Keep your plants looking healthy and natural with LED hardscape lighting. Using LEDs outside, as opposed to incandescent or spiral fluorescent bulbs, is also more durable to withstanding the elements. Place them around your stairs, retaining walls, handrails, decks, and patios.

Cardello Lighting Pittsburgh

2) Flip a Switch

Make the switch to energy-efficient lighting, from fluorescent to LED, which can last 25,000 hours or more — 25 times longer than traditional light bulbs. Plus, switching entirely to LED could save the U.S. $250 billion in energy costs, reducing consumption by nearly 50 percent and avoiding 1,800 million metric tons of carbon emissions.

+ For an extra energy saver and added security, set your porch, spot, or post lighting on a timer or to be motion-activated.

Cardello Lighting Pittsburgh

3) Light It Up

Prolong the pretty on your patio or porch after you’re chilled, so that you can enjoy the view from inside your abode. Hide the light source (spot and floodlights) in an effort to see more foliage, or put the focal point on your beautiful fixtures.

Cardello Lighting Pittsburgh

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