10/ Green beans, done any way.

9/ Chard, sauteed with garlic and pancetta.

8/ Cucumbers and tomatoes, with herbs, olive oil, and coarse salt.

7/ Fingerling potatoes roasted with basil mayo.

6/ Greens, lemon vinaigrette, and roasted shallots.

5/ Peaches, grilled with thyme, and honey-glazed pork ribs.

4/ Chimichurri with any sort of grilled meat.

3/ Chickpeas in chilled salads with cilantro lime and chillies.

2/ Corn, on the grill, in the husk, with a spicy or herb compound butter.

1/ Berries with fresh whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.

Square Café, 1137 S. Braddock Ave., Regent Square. 412.244.8002. square-cafe.com.
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