By Rachel Jones

Dear Pittsburgh,

Remember the days when you’d open the mailbox to find a picturesque postcard from a vacationing loved one? Kimpton Hotel Monaco Pittsburgh is bringing back the art of the traveling postcard, offering three exquisite options for us to choose from. Local artists Tate Hudson, Jen Joyce, and Kirsten Lowe-Rebel were enlisted to create the cards, using the beautiful details of the hotel as their muse. Pick out your favorite postcard from the writing station in the hotel’s living room, and mail it out to your favorite person today.

Meet the local artists behind the postcards’ beautiful designs:

Jen Joyce

Photograph from Jen Joyce

Jen Joyce received her Bachelor of Arts in psychology and studio arts from Kent State University and Master of Arts in art therapy with specialization in counseling from Seton Hill University. As a full-time art therapist, she provides counseling services for adults at a local substance use disorder treatment facility. Joyce recently started painting as a therapeutic exercise, developing a style using acrylic, ink, and gold leaf on layers of poured resin. Her work has been in group shows at Art All Night and the Fort Pitt Museum, and she also designed the labels for Wigle Whiskey’s Maltmalt brewer series. Catch her solo show at The Wexford Pub through September 15.

Tate Hudson

Photograph from Tate Hudson

An autodidactic artist from West Virginia, Tate Hudson now lives in Pittsburgh with his wife and two daughters. Using an arsenal of brushes, knives, paper, paint, and glue, Hudson creates 2D collage paintings that incorporate original photographs, drawings, and appropriated images. He’s also expanding his skill set by exploring the elements of design, photography, fiction writing, and music. Most recently, Hudson enrolled in a welding program to help him enter the world of 3D art.

Kirsten Lowe-Rebel

Photograph from Brian Volinic

The creative mastermind behind KLoRebel Art & Designs, Kirsten Lowe-Rebel makes all of her illustrative line drawings with only a Sharpie pen. Her talents are translated into custom illustrations and home goods, including home-bar art, house or bar portraits, signature cocktail and recipe illustrations, personalized bottle drawings, and more. She’s also started turning her artwork into jewelry designs, learning from her grandfather to cut, grind, and polish each piece of metal by hand. The Lawrenceville resident sells her pieces on Etsy and locally at The Artsmiths of Pittsburgh, The Frick Art & Historical Center, Heinz History Center, Mattress Factory Museum, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, and more. She also just moved into a new showroom/studio at the Ice House #209 in Lawrenceville!


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