In recent years, a surprisingly high number of smart gadgets and devices have been sold. Fitness trackers have reached the figure of 32 million of pieces which are annually sold. The real boom took place in the year 2014, thus, it has pushed developers to design plentiful technological know-how to maintain health and to take care of a body.

Indeed, nowadays, the global network knows everything about people. A place where one has spent a vacation, which film was watched, and how many pizzas have been ordered in the recent month – these all the facts known to the search algorithms. For instance, when a person has searched for the best casinos at Casinority, in future, an algorithm will offer gambling resources to him or her.

However, there is no need to get concerned because of this. The most logical solution is to make use of all the benefits which are provided by the level of modern technologies development.

List of Five Smart Fitness and Healthy Gadgets

  1. NHS controller plate designed by a Swedish company. It is a special plate on which a dish with food can be placed. It measures the amount and controls the speed of food intake. If a person eats too fast, the plate makes a warning. Thus, in several months, users eat 12-15% less food.
  2. Napi fork which is also checking the amount of food and the speed of eating making a signal if a person eats too fast. Besides, the data can be transferred to a smartphone or PC, so that a user could check the diagrams and make conclusions.
  3. Ambulance drone is a pilotless vehicle used for emergency rescue in the event of cardiac failure. Due to the navigation system, the drone can identify from which place the call to the ambulance was made and arrive on the spot in several minutes. It carries a defibrillator, medical kit up to 4 kilos, and communication equipment which is used so that a medical specialist could advise the people around what to do.
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