By Rachel Jones

Have you ever heard a song that perfectly described exactly what you were feeling? Those are the types of songs lyrical genius Ryan Cabrera writes. Whether you’ve danced in your car to “On the Way Down” or used “Walking on Water” as a Band-Aid over your broken heart, the singer-songwriter’s relatable lines always end up making everything better. “I like to write in a very open way to where people can interpret the songs to relate to their lives,” Cabrera says.

His newest gift from the studio is Wake Up Beautiful, an eclectic collection of tracks that Cabrera is finally proud to share with fans. The true perfectionist started tossing around song ideas seven or eight years ago, but wasn’t writing exactly what he wanted to say. “So, I just toured; I was touring nonstop,” Cabrera says. “The reason I wanted to take so long and not just put something out to put something out is because every song really matters to me.” Eventually, the right inspiration struck and “I See Love” was born. The happy track, which describes how sunny and lovely the world becomes when you’re with the right someone, became the cornerstone of the record. “I threw out every song from before that,” Cabrera admits. “That’s when the album started to take place.”

The upbeat album also features the unifying anthem “Sing Along” and the energetic dance song “House on Fire.” He also strips down to his acoustic roots with the honest and vulnerable “Forgot How to Fly.” “What’s cool about the new stuff is there’s something different in every song,” Cabrera says. “Every song is unique to itself, and it doesn’t sound like one song five times over. I’m still that guy who buys the whole record. I’m not a ‘singles’ kind of dude. So, I wasn’t going to just focus six months on a single and disregard the other ones. There was so much time and care that went into this record.”

The thoughtful methods that crafted the platinum-selling artist’s fifth album have also shaped the message Cabrera wanted to send. The songs reveal his experiences and lessons learned over the years, showing a sense of wisdom and clarity that has evolved as his career has grown. “When I was writing my first couple of records, I thought I had learned some valuable life lessons,” Cabrera explains. “In reality, it takes time. I want this record to be a reflection of where I am at now, enjoying playing music and enjoying meeting people and enjoying being on the tour for the next two months. That’s what I’m most excited about: performing these songs. I’ve been recording them for the last four years, so it’s fun to actually let the world hear them.”

You can hear the songs live at The Altar Bar on April 6!

:: For tickets, visit Download Wake Up Beautiful today at

How does Ryan Cabrera spend his days off?

“I like Cards Against Humanity, Scattergories, and all that kind of stuff. I would like to think I’m skilled across the board when it comes to board games. But, you know the one thing that — and I don’t know why, but for some reason — I’m really good at? Connect Four. I don’t know what it is, but I can’t be beaten. It’s impossible. I think we’re actually playing Connect Four with some fans across the tour to see if they can beat me. The challenge is out there!”

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