Edited by Rachel Jones  •  By Steve Gifford and Molly Zindash

Fall in to Rabbit Hole Records and meet the “Mad Hatters of music,” Tommy Medley and Amber Kunselman. The owners filled Rabbit Hole Records with hundreds of vinyl records — ranging from jazz and classical, to indie and rock — to appeal to all music lovers. And with its close proximity to their other business, The White Rabbit Café and Pâtisserie, the shop practically named itself! Medley and Kunselman say they love working in Greensburg because of its close, walkable Downtown area; burgeoning student population; and influx of new professionals in town. “Greensburg is undergoing a lot of changes, and we believe it’s on its way to being the ‘next cool place’ in the region,” Medley says. “We have met so many cool people who truly want to make a difference in the community.” See how the new space makes an impact on your music collection, when Rabbit Hole Records opens this month!

Rabbit Hole Records, info@rabbitholerecordsinc.com.
The White Rabbit Café and Pâtisserie, 113 N. Main St., Greensburg. 724.216.5229. thewhiterabbitcafe.com.

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