Q-and-A with Christina Grimmie

Photograph from Marc Cartwright Photography

Photograph from Marc Cartwright Photography

By Abby Dudley

Breakout artist Christina Grimmie is on fire! Find out her favorite song, most influential singers, and where she can’t wait to play. Then, hear her perform live at Mr. Smalls Theatre on March 15 with Rachel Platten.


WHIRL: Congratulations on placing third on “The Voice”! What was your experience like?
Christina Grimmie: It was crazy; a really fun experience. I got to grow a lot as an artist and learn a lot about being onstage.

WHIRL: You have such a powerhouse voice, and it’s so impressive to hear live. Do you prefer singing live?
CG: I definitely prefer singing live over anything else. It’s so freeing and definitely the reason I love playing shows so much; singing is my life. If I do ever get a little nervous I literally just pretend that I’m not, and oddly enough that makes me calm!

WHIRL: Do you have a favorite song that you’ve released so far?
CG: Not necessarily, but one song that I consider my “baby” is “Deception.”

WHIRL: Your tour dates are packed. Is there a city or venue you’re most looking forward to playing?
CG: I’m looking forward to the New York and Philly shows because my family and friends from back home are gonna come visit!

WHIRL: What is it like touring with Rachel Platten, who is crushing the charts with “Fight Song” and “Stand By You”?
CG: It’s awesome! She’s such a sweet person, and I’ve noticed how much she genuinely cares for her fans. She’s super chill and easy to talk to. And an insane performer!

WHIRL: Who is your favorite artist and biggest influence?
CG: Stacie Orrico and Christina Aguilera are my favorite singers and biggest influences. I get a lot of my chops from listening to them both over the years. I’ve learned so many vocal riffs and techniques from breaking down their songs.

Mr. Smalls Theatre and Funhouse, 400 Lincoln Ave., Millvale. 412.821.4447. mrsmalls.com

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