Photographers tell the tales behind their favorite save-the-date and engagement photos
by Abby DiBenedetto

The way a couple announces their engagement — and wedding — it is a true testament to their married life to come. Kick your marriage off with a bang (like these couples did!) by finding an experienced photographer to capture creative save-the-date and engagement photos. Check out our stunning collection of photographs, read the stories behind them, and find your own romantic inspiration.

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Megan Reilly & Jason Langer - Prized Pictures

Megan Reilly & Jason Langer
Photos by Cyndi and Tony Araujo of Araujo Photography
“We did Megan and Jason’s engagement session all around Downtown Pittsburgh. The Downtown area has so many fantastic areas to photograph and the Roberto Clemente Bridge is one of our favorites. Bridges are symbolic of transition — crossing over to a new place, or a new life. As they prepare to begin their new life together, Megan looks back toward Jason and seems to be asking, ‘Are you ready?’”

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Tiffany Thomson & Kevin Goodwin - Prized Pictures

Tiffany Thomson & Kevin Goodwin
Photos by Robin Pesa and Brenda Daugherty of Bellissima Photography
“We love this image because it captures a moment between Tiffany and Kevin, who have such a connection and ease about them. They were talking and laughing through their whole session, and — as you can see — the camera just loves them. We think you can really see their personalities too, with Tiffany’s colorful shoes and Kevin’s ink (which had to be featured!). As photographers, we do search for great light, and it really doesn’t get much better than this.”

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Jennifer Vosefski & Matthew Meloy - Prized Pictures

Jennifer Vosefski & Matthew Meloy
Photos by Don Merz and Shawn Rodgers of Ovation Images
“Our engagement session with Jen and Matt was really laid-back and fun. We just walked outside and started shooting through the backstreets of Shadyside. When Shawn heard the clarinet music, he ran up to Walnut  [Street] to check it out. The clarinet player was happy to play for our love birds — and for our cameras. We put some money in his case while Jen and Matt danced on the sidewalk. Shawn got down low to take in a long view of Walnut street behind the couple, while Don handled the remote light out in the street. We love this image because it’s fun and lighthearted, which exactly reflects Jen and Matt as they are!”

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Jessica Fabrizi & Fady Sidhom - Prized Pictures

Jessica Fabrizi & Fady Sidhom
Photos by Autumn DeLellis of Skysight Photography
“Jessica Fabrizi and Fady Sidhom didn’t schedule an engagement session, but at the last minute decided they wanted to fit it in, so we did this shoot only four days before the wedding. Since we were out of time, the shoot needed to happen rain or shine — and wow — was it worth it! The rain really made for an awesome photo shoot!”

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Cassandra Spino & Shaun Cusick - Prized Pictures

Cassandra Spino & Shaun Cusick
Photos by Dianne Adrian of Dianne Adrian Photography
“This is one of my favorite sessions, because I was able to combine my two passions: photography and horses. Cassie and Shaun do not ride, but wanted something different, so I took them to my barn. They were easy and fun to work with. We were able to get amazing photos inside, among the hay bales and using the rustic wood setting and fields. We saddled up and Cassie had fun posing on my horse, Pepper. They had a good time and their families and friends loved their photos!”

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Elizabeth S. Cooperstein & Michael B. Tchirkow - Prized Pictures

Elizabeth S. Cooperstein & Michael B. Tchirkow
Photos by Peter Wolff of Peter Wolff Photography
“It’s not often that I meet a couple so willing to participate in the process of taking their photos that they rely on my professional experience and instincts and agree to a uniquely creative shot (one where they are guaranteed to end up soaking wet!). But Elizabeth and Michael were up for the challenge of falling straight back into the pool for the quintessential last shot of the day. I knew there was only a split second to freeze the couple on the water but not in the water. While maybe not a photo for grandma’s mantle, it is one that truly captures the fun spirit of Mike and Elizabeth and how amazing a shot can be when the couple completely trusts in their photographer.”


This article is featured in the Fall / Winter 2012 issue of WHIRL Wedding Guide.

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