After three weeks of hearing everything I’ve been doing wrong, I finally feel that I’m doing somethings right in my training. I’ve been talking to any medical professional and experienced runner I can get close to and their biggest criticism has been that I don’t rest enough. Actually, I don’t rest at all. I’ve been lucky enough to run for 15 years without any major injuries, setbacks, or pain really, until now of course. I thought rest was for the weak and I honestly I thought I was above it.

Last week, the pain in my knees was unbearable. By Friday afternoon I could barely walk. I decided to stop being stubborn and to listen to everyone’s advice and actually rest for the entire weekend—a task more difficult for me than the actual training. On Saturday I didn’t workout at all—well, except for a quick little core session—and I did Bikram yoga on Sunday for 90 minutes.

When I woke up on Monday I was half expecting to be completely healed. I wasn’t. I went for a quick 5-mile run with just slightly less pain than the week before. I also noticed a slight pain in my left arch and it made me fear that I was starting to get a fracture in my foot.

I decided to hit the elliptical on Tuesday to give my foot and knees somewhat of a break, and I woke up on Wednesday anxious to see how everything felt. It felt amazing. They weren’t completely healed of course but the pain was far less intense. I did 5 miles and was actually able to sprint a few times, something I haven’t been able to do in weeks. I decided to take it a little farther on Thursday and run 8 miles. Again, the pain was there but it was a dull but bearable pain, almost like my legs were just tired.

Last week I wasn’t sure if I was even going to make it to the marathon. The pain was beyond excruciating. So much so that I couldn’t even wear heels to work (a travesty in my world). Honestly, I felt almost lost not being able to run. Running is my go to for almost everything. I run when I’m in a great mood and when I’m irritated. A long run is the best time to think and my favorite place to be alone. I can’t imagine a life without it.

I know that I’m not cured yet but I feel that I’m finally heading in the right direction. I think that if I work in a few days of cross training and actually give my legs a day of complete rest every week, I might be OK come May 6th.

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