Cheltenham Festival is one of the best horse racing events of the year and anyone planning to attend will have spent months beforehand preparing for their trip in March. You may think it’s too early to think about how you’re going to get to and from Cheltenham but with an event this big, it always pays to be organised. Here are some tips to make sure your trip to Cheltenham Festival goes smoothly.

Travelling to Cheltenham

The National Express is a great option for getting to the event as they’re an official partner of The Jockey Club and this makes travel more affordable. There are plenty of package options and bundle deals to choose from that ensure you have an easy trip, from allowing you to become part of the premium enclosure to looking behind the scenes of the racecourse. There’s also the option of getting the train to Cheltenham Spa station or driving to the racecourse, which is a great option if you live closer to the location. One tip for making sure you’re not caught out on the day, though, is to plan your parking in advance as there are usually in excess of 250,000 people in attendance. Secure it beforehand by booking on the website and you’ll also save money by doing this, as well as making sure you’re not driving round for ages looking for a spare spot. Making sure you are going to be placing your bets with the right company is essential, are one of the leading betting companies for horse racing.

What to Wear

While there’s no specific dress code for race day at Cheltenham, the weather can be a bit unpredictable, particularly in the winter, so it’s advisable to dress accordingly and wear layers. Many women wear hats to the event but keep the weather in mind as much as the fashion – the same can be said of men, who typically wear suits. The majority of the car parks are on grass, including most of the public car parks, so it’s wise to wear suitable footwear depending on the conditions. If you want to get creative, the event does allow fancy dress too, providing it’s appropriate and non-offensive – don’t forget, the staff can decline entry if they consider your outfit to be inappropriate on the day.

Choose Your Enclosure

There are three enclosures at the racecourse – Club, Best Mate and Tattersalls. Each one comes with its own features and creates a unique experience, so do your research beforehand to see what you want to enjoy on the day, so you know which enclosure is the best fit for you. The most premium of the enclosures is the Club enclosure and with this you get access to all areas, so it’s ideal if you’re looking to get as much out of the Festival as possible. If you want a median option, the Tattersalls enclosure is a great compromise. The Best Mate enclosure is a great budget option that still delivers a brilliant atmosphere and a great view of the racecourse, so you won’t feel like you’re missing out if you choose this option on the day.

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