Breathe easy, guys. When it comes to posing for photographers on the big day, there’s no need to sweat. Here, we’ve collected all of the tips to prep you for your close-up — no fuss necessary. Flip through for inspiration and find the style, the pose, and the scene that suits you.

By Liz Petoniak

Samantha Stefan + Andy Erjavek

“I like the timeless feel of this shot. It could have been taken in the 20s, 80s, or last week. One of my favorite things is capturing the moment for what it is, not for the surroundings or backdrop. I hope that the groom will look back on this shot in 50 years and remember that feeling, laughing with his groomsmen at the end of an amazing day.” — Autumn Stankay, Skysight Photography

Pittsburgh wedding photographers, Skysight Photography

TIP // “Some men shy away from having their photos taken. But, if you approach it in the right way, you can plan something fun to do and just schedule your photographer to be there to capture it. Try to set aside time at some point in your day to get photos just hanging out with your friends, dad, and brothers. Putting on bow ties, having a drink at the bar, playing golf or billiards at the resort, or smoking cigars are great opportunities for your photographer to capture you and your guys in a natural environment. These types of photos will result in shots with great expressions that don’t feel forced. You probably won’t even notice your photographer is there,” says Stankay.

Lindsay Kostorick + Jack Schanbacher

“This picture is one of my favorites, not only because of the unguarded happiness, but also because of the curiosity generated by the secret whisper. What did she say to him to prompt that smile?” — Cyndi Araujo, Araujo Photography

Pittsburgh wedding photographers, Araujo Photography

TIP // “Grooms, don’t be afraid to show some emotion, especially for the photos! Hugging, kissing, hand-holding, and snuggling are all very appropriate for your wedding day. And another hint: They work nicely on all other days, too!” says Araujo.

Julie Turkovich + Matt Kramer

“Matt turned and had this big grin on his face. You can really see the happiness in his expression! This was taken near the [Roberto] Clemente Bridge after their wedding at St. Columbkille Roman Catholic Church and en route to their reception at the Pittsburgh Airport Marriott.” — Dianne Welsh, Dianne Adrian Photography


  • Consider a manicure for the big day. Ring shots are one of the biggest requests and that requires hands! The bride’s nails are always perfect, but most times, the groom’s have not been thought of at all. Welsh says to remember that this is a close-up shot, and your ring should be what stands out!
  • Just do it! Everyone wants a photo of the groom looking his very best. Dragging your feet will prolong the process and photographers do not want to beg. Photos of the groom, his family, and groomsmen are essential and very few of them are posed — many more are relaxed and candid.

Pittsburgh wedding photographers, Dianne Adrian Photography

Julia Jacovino + Josh Cafardi

“We do our best to keep the ‘posing’ to a minimum and prefer to style our grooms so they look their best in a classic, comfortable way. The entire day threatened rain, so we were happy to find great light both indoors and outdoors for a wonderful wedding image collection.” — Robin Pesa and Brenda Daugherty, Bellissima Photographers

TIP // “There is no reason for the groom — or anyone — to feel or look awkward in photographs. Quick setups and candid moments benefit the pace of the day, as well as the emotion of images. Wedding photographers are well-versed in giving easy direction to ‘walk over there’ or ‘look over here’ so they can get the shot without making a major production. Good communication before the wedding about how much time you want to take for photographs goes a long way, too. A wedding is a joyous celebration and that should be the focus,” says Resa.

Pittsburgh wedding photographers, Bellissima Photographers

Jennifer Rende + Nicholas Musolin

“I love the natural spontaneity of this couple. My perspective on our photography is simple and clean graphics. We feel the composition and layout of the image should lead one’s eye to a certain and important area without any distractions.” — John Lokmer, Lokmer Photography, Inc.

Pittsburgh wedding photographers, Lokmer Photography, Inc.

TIP // “Grooms, just be your natural self. We try to have them relax and feel comfortable with our casual demeanor and personality,” says Lokmer.

Marsha Snyder + Michael Conroy

“I loved the photos of Michael because no matter what was going on around him there were always two constants: he was never more than an arm’s length away from Marsha and he always had such a cool, calm demeanor about him. Plus, he’s sporting such a winning smile. How could you not love this guy?” — Elizabeth Craig, Craig Photography

Pittsburgh wedding photographers, Craig Photography

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