The acquisition of Jung Ho Kang from South Korea left Pittsburgh Pirates fans with more hope than ever for the 2015 season. And he did not disappoint, bringing a smart, strong style to the plate and earning a .293 batting average (at press time). His heavy hitting and ability to adapt to any situation has fortified the team and unleashed new potentials for fall ball. “I play with confidence and believe in myself 100 percent,” Kang says of his playing style. We believe, too, and were happy to chat with the rookie about his time with the team so far. — Rachel Jones

How would you describe your experience with the Pirates?
Jung Ho Kang: It’s a joy to play in this beautiful ballpark. I’m happy that I get to play with this great group of guys.

What has been your biggest challenge on the team?
JHK: The rain delays.

How have you grown with the team this season?
JHK: Compared to the start of the season, I feel more comfortable now. Also, I think I adapted to the culture here pretty well.

What do you like to do for fun in Pittsburgh?
JHK: I like to drive around and explore the city.

What’s your favorite food from South Korea that you can’t get here?
JHK: Mae-woon-tang (spicy fish stew).

What’s your new favorite food from Pittsburgh that you can’t get there?
JHK: Tacos.

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