With Valentine’s Day coming up, we’re certainly feeling the love. So is the Pittsburgh Penguins’ Paul Martin! Check out the defenseman’s thoughts on the holiday’s highlights.

By Rachel Jones

If you were buying Valentines to pass out to your teammates, what cartoon/movie character would be on them?

Paul Martin: It would probably be He-Man. I watched that a lot as a kid growing up.

What is your favorite romantic comedy?

PM: Oh man; That’s a tough one. Does “There’s Something About Mary” or “Along Came Polly” count? Or are those considered just comedies? How about “When Harry Met Sally”? Those are all pretty good.

Where is your go-to place in Pittsburgh for dessert?

PM: I don’t eat a lot of sweets, but I do really like Bartram House Bakery in the South Side. That place has really good desserts and snacks.

If you could write messages on candy conversation hearts, what would they say?

PM: “Give me some sugar, baby.”

:: Pittsburgh Penguins, penguins.nhl.com.
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