Shortly after the bubbles from that midnight flute of Champagne fizzle, people across the city will vow to make 2015 a happier, healthier year! Sticking to the resolution is easier when you find an activity you enjoy and receive constant support. Get started with motivating advice from local experts and more than 20 options in this year’s Pittsburgh Health and Wellness Guide, including yoga, barre, and cardio-fueled classes. Pick your favorite, grab a water bottle, and get going!

By Rachel Jones


Meredith Ward, Owner

Pittsburgh Health and Wellness Guide 2015, The Barre Code, Shadyside

Photo: Brittany Berres.

Classes Offered:

Barre Code (full-body workout that combines isometric holds and heavy repetition)
Burn (full-body workout in heated room) • TBC (“Total Body Conditioning” or “The Boot Camp”)
Brawl (cardio kickboxing)
Barre-dio (dance-inspired cardio)
Interval (high-intensity cardio with two strengthening segments)

What to Try This Year:

Start with the Barre Code class, then branch out from there. Shake it up in Barre-dio, release some aggression in Brawl, or sweat it out in Burn.

Take My Advice:

“I think what is most important is knowing that all of the small choices add up for a healthier life. I want our clients to feel empowered and happier when they walk out of The Barre Code, and to carry that feeling into every aspect of their lives.”

Check Out:

The Barre Basics class on January 11 offers a simplified version of the 50-minute Barre Code class. Get the same stamina-building, endurance-increasing workout at a slower pace.

The Barre Code, 804 S. Aiken Ave., Shadyside. 412.802.8585.


Melissa Dellovade, Owner

Pittsburgh Health and Wellness Guide 2015, Pure Barre Pittsburgh

Photo: Andy Benesh.

Classes Offered:

Pure Barre classes combine ballet, Pilates, and yoga for a low-impact, full-body workout.

What to Try This Year:

The New Client Special offers 30 days of unlimited classes for $99. Once you’re hooked, yearly, auto-renewal packages offer clients the convenience of a year contract with the perks of retail discounts, free intensives, and first priority for wait lists.

Take My Advice:

“For 2015, ‘mini goals and many wins’ will help people feel more accomplished in their fitness goals. Instead of saying, ‘I’m going to work out every day, stop eating bread, and lose 25 pounds,’ why not start by planning to work out twice a week, and eat healthier and more nutritious meals? With a little perseverance, discipline, and proper mini goals, 2015 could be one of your most successful years for fitness and well-being.”

Check Out:

The Mt. Lebanon studio will host a Total Body Intensive on January 31, and the Peters Township studio will offer a Lifted Seat Intensive on January 24. Pure Barre, 4000 Washington Road, #108, Peters Township. 724.941.8663. 1612 Cochran Road, Mt. Lebanon. 412.248.2424.

For more on the Shadyside and Wexford studios, visit



Kristy Boyle, Group Exercise Supervisor

Pittsburgh Health and Wellness Guide 2015, Live Well Yoga & Pilates, Washington

Photo: Bethany Wright-Fisher.

Classes Offered:

Gentle Yoga
Vinyasa Flow
Power Flow
Pilates Mat
Pilates Reformer
Power Barre
Individual Training

What to Try This Year:

The Chakra Series workshop starts fresh with the New Year and lasts throughout the summer. From January 26-August 31, study the seven Chakra energy centers with postures, relaxation, breath training, concentration, meditation, and guided imagery. Classes are held on the last Monday of every month, focusing on one Chakra at each session.

Take My Advice:

“Try to incorporate a variety of exercises into your fitness regime until you discover what you truly enjoy. You are more likely to stick with a healthy habit if you make it more fun than work.”

Check Out:

The Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program, modeled after the acclaimed program at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, reduces stress and positively affects physical health and emotional well-being. Instructor Barbara Ivanko leads the classes from January 8-February 26, with a special retreat on February 21.

Live Well Yoga & Pilates, Wellness Way, Washington. 724.225.9355.


Lisa Pellow, Owner/Director

Pittsburgh Health and Wellness Guide 2015, Touchstone Pilates, Mt. Lebanon

Photo: Megan Wylie.

Classes Offered:

Private Pilates
Semi-private Pilates
Small Group Pilates

What to Try This Year:

The specially priced “Introduction to Pilates” Package includes five, one-on-one sessions with a Romana’s Pilates-certified instructor. Or, try the 10-week Beginner or Intermediate Mat Class Package.

Take My Advice:

“After the holidays, everyone wants to get in shape. Make small changes, be consistent, and take it one step at a time.”

Check Out:

Upcoming workshops are listed at

Touchstone Pilates, 250 Mt. Lebanon Blvd., #413, Mt. Lebanon. 412.344.5050.


Clare Westwood, Owner, Peak Pilates Comprehensive Instructor, and MadDogg Spinning Instructor

Pittsburgh Health and Wellness Guide 2015, Clearly Pilates, Sewickley

Photo: Clearly Pilates.

Classes/Equipment Offered:

Pilates Equipment
Pilates Mat
Yoga Flow
Restorative/Gentle Yoga
Barre on the Pilates Stick®
Fitness Fusion (combine Spin®, Yoga, and/or Pilates)

What to Try This Year:

Barre on the Pilates Stick® takes traditional barre classes to another level. Since the “barre” is moving, a deep core connection is required for balance. Every move sculpts your legs and glutes, while building core strength and balance. Take My Advice: “Exercise has to be schedule into your day, just like any other important meeting. If you don’t ‘plan’ to work out, it will be the first thing that’s pushed to the side if the stresses of the day put demands on your time. Taking time for your own health is the most important meeting of your day.”

Check Out:

The Ayurveda Workshop on January 18 explores how to heal and transform your body and the mind by bringing awareness and balance in lifestyle and diet.

Clearly Pilates, 352 Beaver St., Sewickley. 412.999.0215.



Melissa Phillips, Business Development Manager

Pittsburgh Health and Wellness Guide 2015, Medi-Weightloss, North Hills

Katrina DeNapoli, CRNP, Nurse Practitioner at Medi-Weightloss. Photo: Medi-Weightloss.

Pittsburgh Health and Wellness Guide 2015, Medi-Weightloss, North Hills

Dr. Stephen Ritz, Bariatric Physician at Medi-Weightloss. Photo: Medi-Weightloss.

Programs Offered:

Three-phased, Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program

What to Try This Year:

The Medi-Weightloss program starts with individual counseling with medical professionals, where your goals, health, and medical history will be taken into account. With step-by-step motivation and professional care that helps you target fat and preserve lean muscle mass, you can safely lose up to 10 pounds in the first week and 20 or more in the first month.

Take My Advice:

“The best advice for someone trying to be healthier in the New Year and finally be able to keep your New Years’ resolution is to stop by our office for a free assessment to hear how we can help them lose weight quickly, but safely, and keep it off. They can see results fast and keep the weight off, putting an end to yo-yo dieting and feeling defeated.”

Check Out:

The New Year’s Open House on January 14 will offer free food, free weight assessments, a drawing for a free initial consultation (a $350 value), and a $50 coupon for anyone who signs up for the program.

Medi-Weightloss, 8035 McKnight Road, Suite 100, North Hills. 412.536.3984.


Susan Coe, Owner and Founder

Pittsburgh Health and Wellness Guide 2015, Peace, Love, & Zen Holistic Wellness Center, East Liberty

Photo: Peace, Love, & Zen Holistic Wellness Center.

Programs Offered:

Guided Meditation
Reiki Exchange in the Himalayan Salt Cave
Chiropractic Care
Massage Therapy
Access Bars
Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna

What to Try This Year:

The center’s new craniosacral therapy helps relieve tension and stress in the upper back and neck. Combined with regular massage, the therapy is extremely therapeutic and popular with patients.

Take My Advice:

“Do not wait until you are sick to start thinking about health and wellness. Maintenance to your body is essential.”

Check Out:

Discounts for seniors, 65 years or older, and active military and veterans. (Peace, Love & Zen Holistic Wellness Center is a 100-percent woman- and veteran-owned organization!)

Peace, Love & Zen Holistic Wellness Center,  6023 Broad St., East Liberty. 412.661.0777.


Anita Amato Scaglione, Owner

Pittsburgh Health and Wellness Guide 2015, Power of Touch Wellness, Shadyside

Photo: Erin Gaus

Programs Offered:

Massages and pain relief techniques to help clients with:
Chronic Pain
Sports-Related Aches
Muscle-Oriented Problems

What to Try This Year:

The newest treatment modality at Power of Touch Wellness is “massage cupping.” The technique promotes a calm nervous system, brings circulation, draws out toxins and metabolic waste, and relaxes tight muscles quickly and virtually painlessly.

Take My Advice:

“The first step towards creating a healthier you is believing in your own body’s power to heal and change. Positive thoughts and words fuel behaviors, and motivate actions consistent with those thoughts.”

Check Out:

Power of Touch Wellness’ workshops for 2015 will cover a variety of topics, including essential oils to promote wellness, make and take personal/home wellness products, learning how to make better nutrition easier to achieve, breathing and relaxation techniques, and self-treatment techniques to combat pain.

Power of Touch Wellness, 2209 Ardmore Blvd., 2nd Floor, Forest Hills. | 235 Shady Ave., Shadyside. 412.414.5330. |


Brenda Young, Spa Business Manager

Pittsburgh Health and Wellness Guide 2015, Spa Harmony, Washington

Photo: Brenda Young.

Services Offered:

Massage Therapy

What to Try This Year:

Schedule a free skin care analysis and receive a customized, daily routine to assist you in meeting your skin care goals. Everyone who comes in for a skin care analysis receives an Eminence Organic Mini Skin Care Kit. Call Brenda Young at 724.250.5238 to set up your consultation today.

Take My Advice:

“Talk with a skin care professional who will help with your specific skin care needs, and discuss the ingredients and their benefits to get you on track to maintain healthy and beautiful skin.”

Check Out:

Take on the 21-Day Challenge to Healthier Skin! Participants receive a free Eminence Organic Skin Care Tonique and are entered to win an Eminence Organic VitaSkin Starter Kit.

Spa Harmony, Wellness Way, Washington. 724.225.9355.



Zeb Homison, Owner/Director

Pittsburgh Health and Wellness Guide 2015, Bikram Yoga Pittsburgh, Lawrenceville

Photo: Suzan Harper.

Classes Offered:

Bikram Yoga Series (26 postures and two breathing exercises in a heated room)
Express Hot Yoga Class

What to Try This Year:

The 60-minute Express Hot Yoga Class is a great way to introduce yourself to the Bikram Series or get a quick fix if you’re short on time!

Take My Advice:

“Make a plan, find something you want to do, and stick with it! So many people give themselves a week or two to make a change, then get frustrated. It takes time! Don’t give up on yourself.”

Check Out:

Bikram Yoga Pittsburgh is hosting the 2014 International Yoga Asana Champions Zeb Homison and Gloria Suen for a weekend of classes and workshops, January 24-25.

Bikram Yoga Pittsburgh, 3418 Penn Ave., Lawrenceville. 412.513.5000.


Pittsburgh Health and Wellness Guide 2015, Himalayan Institute of Pittsburgh, Mt. Lebanon

Photo: David May.

Kate Kill, President of Board of Directors

Classes Offered:

Beginner Yoga
Hatha I
Hatha II
Learn to Meditate
Yoga Nidra
Yoga Sutra Discussion Group

What to Try This Year:

Every month, the Himalayan Institute of Pittsburgh is offering Essential Oil and Yoga workshops. Each workshop has a different theme, ranging from Cultivating Compassion to Improving Digestion, that explores how different essential oils affect different poses.

Take My Advice:

“Never give up! Keep trying until you find the tools and techniques that support your life. Also, surround yourself with other healthy and happy people — they will keep you inspired and support you!”

Check Out:

The studio is hosting a Chakra Balancing workshop on January 15 and a Continuing Education workshops on March 28 and 29. Visit for others this winter!

Himalayan Institute of Pittsburgh, 300 Beverly Road, Mt. Lebanon. 412.344.7434.


Leta Koontz, Principal

Pittsburgh Health and Wellness Guide 2015, Schoolhouse Yoga

Photo: Ivette Spradlin.

Classes Offered:

Gentle Yoga
Level 1 Yoga
Level 2 Yoga
Level 3 Yoga
Prenatal Yoga

What to Try This Year:

The Yoga Kids series starts in January!

Take My Advice:

“Yoga has been shown to: increase strength, flexibility, and balance; lower stress and anxiety levels; improve digestion and sleep; promote healing; reduce back and joint pain; improve mental focus; aid in weight loss and detoxification. We have Gentle Yoga classes that are perfect for the person who thinks they are too old, too stiff or too weak to do yoga. They offer a safe and effective way to benefit from the practice of yoga.”

Check Out:

Schoolhouse Yoga is hosting workshops throughout January and February, including a Meditation Workshop with Joni Sturgill on January 4 and Women’s Healing Circle with Kendell Romanelli on January 23.

Schoolhouse Yoga, 2215-2217 Murray Ave., Squirrel Hill. | 2401 Smallman St., Strip District. | 7210 McKnight Road, Ross Park. | 412.401.4444. |


Pittsburgh Health and Wellness Guide 2015, Hot Dog Yoga, Whitehall

Photo: Hot Dog Yoga, LLC.

Helen Hughes-Smith, Owner and Primary Instructor

Classes Offered:

Hot Yoga Flow
Warm Yoga Flow
Stability Ball Training
Private Pilates Reformer Classes

What to Try This Year:

Hot Dog Yoga, LLC is a new retailer for Dona Jo Fitwear. The Pittsburgh-based company features soft fabrics in Brazilian-inspired colors that “just make you happy to wear them.”

Take My Advice:

“Everyone has a New Year’s Resolution. Try not to change everything in your life at one time. It is too overwhelming and too difficult to stick with it. You might choose to replace one snack per day with a healthier alternative, or try drinking sparkling water or water with lemon instead of soda. Remember: Slow and steady really does win the race.”

Check Out:

The Find Your Inner Dog Workshop and The Chatarunga Challenge both focus on perfecting poses without causing injuries. Visit for an updated schedule.

Hot Dog Yoga, LLC, 4500 Clairton Blvd., Whitehall. 412.885.2929.


Rachel Bekelja, Co-Salty Caretaker

Pittsburgh Health and Wellness Guide 2015, Salt Power Yoga, Sewickley

Photo: Eva Lin Photography.

Classes Offered:

Heated Power Vinyasa
Nonheated Slow Flow
Charity Classes

What to Try This Year:

Make yoga your happy hour on Friday nights with music and $5 classes. All of the money goes to a different charity every month!

Take My Advice:

“Be open! Try new things more than once. (No one liked kale the first time they tried it!) Find people who support you, and do healthy things with them!”

Check Out:

Held the last Sunday of every month, Yogis with Special Gifts invites yoga students with special needs and the people who love them to participate in an amazing class at the Sewickley studio.

Salt Power Yoga, 203 Highpointe Drive/Blvd., Seven Fields. | 533 Beaver St., Sewickley. 724.584.1624. |


Pittsburgh Health and Wellness Guide 2015, South Hills Power Yoga, Dormont, McMurray

Photo: Paul Wetzel.

Stacey Vespaziani, Owner/Instructor

Classes Offered:

Heated Power Vinyasa Yoga
Nonheated Power Vinyasa Yoga
Gentle/Restorative Yoga
Kids Yoga
Prenatal Yoga
Free Meditation Classes
200-hour Teacher Training Certification and Continuing Education Programs

What to Try This Year:

South Hills Power Yoga and BYS Yoga are teaming up to host a two-day, multi-studio workshop to start the New Year off right. Hayley Beth Worthman will host the Fearless Warrior Series: Ground Down to Fuel Up Inversions on January 17 at BYS Yoga and January 18 at South Hills Power Yoga.

Take My Advice:

“Start small. Start easy. Start today!”

Check Out:

Vinyasa @ The Springs, a weekend yoga retreat with Darcy Lyle, Jennifer Lee, LA Finfinger, and Stacey Vespaziani on March 6-8 at Omni Bedford Springs Resort.

South Hills Power Yoga, 3045 W. Liberty Ave., Dormont. 412.207.9535. | 4145 Washington Road, Peters Township. 724.260.0011. |


Debbie Vignovic, Owner

Pittsburgh Health and Wellness Guide 2015, The Yoga Whole

Photo: The Yoga Whole.

Classes Offered:

Nonheated Hatha Yoga (Basic, Gentle, and Mixed Levels)
Prenatal Yoga
Postnatal Yoga
Yoga-Dance Fusion
Kids Yoga

What to Try This Year:

The Yoga Whole has expanded its services for moms to include gentle birth preparation, labor and delivery support, and postpartum care, in addition to its Prenatal Yoga and Postnatal Yoga classes, through The Whole Way Doula Services. These additions ensure strength during pregnancy, a better labor for mom and baby, the tools to make a nurturing nest for the new family, and the steps for a healing and connected feeling after birth.

Take My Advice:

“Go Paleo, challenge yourself to stick with an exercise program, and walk outside for 30 days so it becomes habit.”

Check Out:

Every Friday, The Yoga Whole hosts Samdhaana Slow Flow and Strength classes, which heal the body energetically by creating balance and symmetry. This new program is appropriate for all levels.

The Yoga Whole, 260 Broadmoor Ave., Mt. Lebanon. 412.892.8740.


Suzanne Nagel, Promotions and Marketing Assistant

Pittsburgh Health and Wellness Guide 2015, Yoga Flow

Photo: Bridgett Kay Photography, LLC.

Classes Offered:

Heated Vinyasa Flow
Nonheated Kids Flow

What to Try This Year:

Yoga Flow is hosting a yoga retreat at Amansala, an eco-chic resort in Tulum, from April 25-May 1. The relaxing stay includes two daily yoga sessions, uninterrupted meditation, and organic delights in a beautiful setting.

Take My Advice:

“Being healthy begins with a commitment to a mind and body connection. When you are hard on yourself, you set in motion a negative energy. Even on days you have lower energy, bring yourself to your mat and pay attention to the signs and signals your body is sending you. We all need that time to connect inward.”

Check Out:

The Peace Within the Chaos: New Year’s Day Gong Cleanse & Relaxation with Dominique Ponko and Bill Book unveils “peace within the chaos” at the Shadyside studio.

Yoga Flow, 345 Freeport Road, Aspinwall. 412.781.4140. | 1748 N. Highland Road, South Hills. 412.595.8455. | 5433 Walnut St., Shadyside. 412.621.1157. | 4606 William Penn Hwy., Murrysville. 724.733.5038. | 7830 Route 30, N. Huntington. 724.515.7676. |



Pittsburgh Health and Wellness Guide 2015, Hybrid Movement Training Systems, Blawnox

Photo: R. Alan Adams.

Matthew Garabedian, Owner

Classes Offered:

Small Group High-intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

What to Try This Year:

Wearing a heart rate monitor with a calorie counter during these HIIT workouts helps you stay motivated and focused on the process. Seeing that you are capable of burning 500-600 calories in one workout will encourage you to push yourself further in future sessions.

Take My Advice:

“First, I recommend that everyone tries something new. Not only will you be mentally stimulated, but your body will also respond to the change in direction. You will be more likely to stay interested and motivated. My second recommendation is to get more high-quality rest. We all try and cram in as much as possible in a day, often at the expense of our health. Adequate sleep will significantly improve your mood and productivity.”

Check Out:

Hybrid Training Systems is kickstarting 2015 with a New Year special. For a limited time, enjoy $99 monthly unlimited classes!

Hybrid Movement Training Systems, 266 Freeport Road, Blawnox. 412.760.5489.


Pittsburgh Health and Wellness Guide 2015, Primal Fitness Pittsburgh

Photo: Megan Stahl.

Janelle Pica, Owner

Classes Offered:

Progressive Calisthenics

What to Try This Year:

“The Primal Move” is a low level body weight exercise modality that increasees mobility and conditioning in a fun, playful manner. “The Primal Plan” delivers rapid and dramatic body composition changes in just 90 minutes per week.

Take My Advice:

“Try something you’ve never done before. Embrace the unknown with open arms. The body craves different ways of exercising and adapts the best when we give it a brand new way to train. When you decide to conquer your fear and jump out of your comfort zone, you’ll not only have taken a great step toward becoming healthier, but you’ll also complete the hardest thing when it comes to training: committing to it.”

Check Out:

Primal Fitness Pittsburgh will host a Strong First Kettlebell User Course on  April 11 to give each participant the foundational knowledge on basic kettle lifts. It’s great for everyone from novices who are interested in learning the fitness program, to personal trainers who can share the work with their own clients.

Primal Fitness Pittsburgh, 412.980.4287.


Pittsburgh Health and Wellness Guide 2015, Work Core Perforomance

Photo: Melissa Lucci Photography.

Melissa Mechtel and Julie Perlow, Co-owners

Classes/Programs Offered:

Cardio Pump
Circuit Training
Boot Camp
Health Assesments
Company-wide Contests

What to Try This Year:

Work Core Performance brings the instructors to your workplace for convenient fitness classes. Just choose which class you’d prefer, and gain happier, healthier, and more productive employees.

Take My Advice:

“Small changes equal big results. Getting healthy is a lifestyle change, not a diet.”

Check Out:

Work Core Performance offers local businesses the opportunity to take advantage of its three-month Weight Loss Challenge for 20 percent off, starting in January.

Work Core Performance,



Debbie Roytas, Executive Director

Pittsburgh Health and Wellness Guide 2015, Wilfred R. Cameron Wellness Center, Washington

Photo: Diane Heins.

Classes Offered:

Group Exercise Classes
Personal Training
Group Training
Specialty Workshops/Boot Camps
Nutrition Services
Children’s Group Swim Lessons
Private Swim Lessons for Children and Adults
Martial Arts

What to Try This Year:

Get a membership to the Wilfred R. Cameron Wellness Center by contacting Bryan Braunlich at 724.250.5208. Then, enjoy more than 80 classes, cardio and resistance equipment, a 1/12-mile indoor track, a five-lane lap pool, a basketball court/gymnasium, and much more.

Take My Advice:

“Use the SMART acronym as a framework for a successful New Year’s resolution. That is, your goal should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-anchored. Then, be consistent and celebrate your success — just not with a piece of cake!”

Check Out:

From January 12-February 20, the Wilfred R. Cameron Wellness Center is running its 2015 Biggest Winner: Six-week Weight Loss Program. Combining both group fitness training and nutrition advice from a registered dietitian, participants will have the tools to reach maximum weight loss. Sign up to join a six-member team by contacting Kendra Boni at 724.250.5203.

Wilfred R. Cameron Wellness Center, Wellness Way, Washington. 724.225.9355.


Anthony Colonna, Director of Marketing

Pittsburgh Health and Wellness Guide 2015, Amerifit Fitness Club, Green Tree

Photo: Amerifit Fitness Club & Spa.

Classes Offered:

Body Pump

What to Try This Year:

Known as the most effective cardio machine ever built, the Helix Lateral Trainer is now available at Amerifit Fitness Club & Spa. With its unique side-to-side movement, the Helix Lateral Trainer tones your glutes, core, and thighs better than an elliptical.

Take My Advice:

“Working out is 90 percent mental and 10 percent physical. My daddy used to say that working at your target heart rate for at least 30 minutes a day is essential.”

Check Out:

Individual and group consultations with Amerifit’s staff are the best way to get a personalized workout!

Amerifit Fitness Club & Spa, 100 Roessler Road, Green Tree. 412.341.3033.



Pittsburgh Health and Wellness Guide 2015, Simple Sol, Mt. Lebanon

Photo: Kristin Firewicz Photography.

Kate McGinley, Owner, and Pilates and Yoga Trainer
Cristy Cummings, Pilates and Yoga Trainer

Classes Offered:

Pilates Fitness Reformer
Yoga with a Twist (fast-paced flow with weights)
Hustle and Flow (Zumba-like class with cardio and toning)
Refine & Define (full-body workout)
Barre-Pilates Fusion

What to Try This Year:

Pilates Fitness Reformer classes are now available in group settings. Previously only available in private or semi-private sessions, the high-intensity, Pilates-based class is great for athletic training and sports teams.

Take My Advice:

“Eat what makes sense; crazy diets never last. Your body needs to last a lifetime, so protect your joints and avoid injury through workouts with less impact.”

Check Out:

New classes and upcoming workshops are always on

Simple Sol, 520 Washington Road, Mt. Lebanon. 412.388.1100.



Pittsburgh Health and Wellness Guide 2015, Bodiography Center for Movement, Squirrel Hill

Photo: Eric Rosé.

Maria Caruso, Founding Artistic Director

Classes Offered:

Classical Ballet
Contemporary Dance
Modern Dance
Bodiography Fitness and Strength

What to Try This Year:

Bodiography’s adult ballet classes are a great way to get in shape and learn something new.

Take My Advice:

“Finding health and happiness in the New Year is all about physical and emotional wellness. Take pristine care of your physical instrument through regular exercise, healthy eating, and finding inspiration from the goodness around you. Steer clear of negativity, shed arrogance, and let your confidence shine!”

Check Out:

Become a Bodiography Fitness and Strength Training instructor with a training session on January 11.

Bodiography Center for Movement, 5824 Forbes Ave., Squirrel Hill. 412.521.6094.

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