Kozi Media Design SONANCE Landscape SeriesOnce summer hits, there is no space at home that gets more use than the backyard. Burgers are being grilled on the deck, kids are playing in the yard, and if we’re lucky, we’re lounging next to the pool — and in all of those different areas, we still want to be able to hear our favorite tunes. Kozi Media Design offers the solution with the SONANCE Landscape Series, a sound system that camouflages into outdoor greenery while providing different levels (and even, different sources) of music throughout our entire outdoor space. The system consists of a hidden subwoofer and multiple satellite speakers that are strategically hidden in garden beds or tree foliage, and all components are protected from even the harshest of weather conditions. Because every backyard or garden space is different, each audio system is custom designed, from a few speakers to hundreds and with as many different zones. The result is music that seems to come from nowhere and yet reaches all of our ears at the perfect pitch. — Lauren Schmeer

Kozi Media Design, 201 Penn Center Blvd., Pittsburgh. 887.746.5694.

Kozi Media Design SONANCE Landscape Series

Photographs from SONANCE Landscape Series.

This article is featured in the Summer 2013 / Volume 13 issue of  WHIRL@Home Magazine.

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