Dramatic Locales: Photographer’s Favorite Pittsburgh Wedding Photos

Location, location, location! We’ve all heard it before — location is everything. Each fairy tale wedding needs a stunning backdrop to inspire that picture perfect moment. Get the story behind each of these pictures — straight from the photographers themselves — then, find your own sweet photo spot.

By Liz Petoniak


Lauren Bailey & Dustin Frankie

“Lauren and Dustin had a beautiful St. Patrick’s Day wedding on March 16, 2013, and as the luck of the Irish would have it, it rained. Rain is so romantic, but we headed inside to keep everyone dry. The space at the Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel provided a great location for what we refer to as the ‘Trump Collection,’ and this image is one of our favorites.” — Robin Pesa and Brenda Daugherty of Bellissima Photography

pittsburgh wedding photographers, Bellissima Photography


Bridgette Balasko & Matthew Anastasi

“I love the Smithfield Street Bridge and the contrast of scale it provides to Bridgette and Matthew. The visual divergence of unyielding, ages-old steel, and the young bride in her delicately flowing wedding gown is engaging. After a beautiful photo shoot on the bridge, the newlyweds strolled to the reception and delighted guests.” — Tony Araujo of Araujo Photography

Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers - Araujo Photography


Angela Rose & Erick Iezzi

“Angela, Erick, and I talked about this rotunda shot at The Pennsylvanian in our first meeting, so it was a year in the making. I wanted to be sure to get it picture perfect, knowing expectations were high. We made sure to block reception time out just minutes before dusk turned to darkness so we’d have the perfect shade of blue in the background. Sometimes the best shots happen in an instant without much thought, but sometimes a little planning doesn’t hurt either.” — Autumn Stankay of SkySight Photography

Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers - SkySight Photography

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