One Last WHIRL: Living Clearly with Hilaria Baldwin

By Christine Tumpson | Photograph from Justin Steele

Hilaria Baldwin has a commanding Instagram presence, three beautiful babies under the age of 3, two successful Yoga Vida yoga studios in New York City, where she teaches regular classes, and the title of lifestyle correspondent for Extra TV.  Add to that a husband who has been taking on the new president in his “Saturday Night Live” portrayals, thereby drawing attention from every spotlight, and you wonder how she manages to find time to write a transformational book about keeping it all together with peace, style, and grace.

“The Living Clearly Method: 5 Principles for a Fit Body, Healthy Mind, and Joyful Life” features personal stories about life as an active and fun-loving mother to Carmen, Rafael, and Leo, as well as her devotion to maintaining balance in her relationship with Alec. Perspective, Breathing, Grounding, Balance, and Let Go are the foundations of her life and message.

“I just want to put good into the world. It’s as simple and innocent as that,” Baldwin says. “I have people who I look up to — big names, small names — and they have used that energy differently. Everyone gets the same messages, but why doesn’t it always stick? That’s a big question. What is it that doesn’t sink into everyone’s life?”

For Baldwin, the search started at an early age. As a student at NYU, she first majored in pre-med before transferring into the creative arts department. Her commitment to the yogic lifestyle evolved over the course of an active lifetime of competitive Latin ballroom dance that led to body awareness, both constructive and destructive, eating issues, and finally, a hip injury that left this light-filled person re-examining her life goals.

“We’re so much in our heads that it’s hard to connect with our bodies,” Baldwin says. “The mind and the body speak two different languages. The perspective is the only part that is purely mind related. Then the job is to focus on the different messages that the body is giving. You can’t notice your breath if you can’t see it from that perspective.”

Within a week after she put out the energy for a long-lasting love and a family, she playfully winked at Alec Baldwin in a restaurant, causing him to follow her out the door, saying, “I must meet you.” As part of her commitment to living mindfully, she brought to their relationship a lifestyle of constant movement, good food, and love.

“It’s about creating and making things simple,” she says. “In my lifetime, I’ve never seen so much hate divide us, and we are living in this new realm where people are supporting or not supporting. People aren’t doing this very well. As for people getting grounded or gaining perspective, you can let go of your ego and see another person’s perspective, even if you don’t agree with it in the end.”

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