NoWait App Dining Survey Reveals Tips for a Romantic Valentine’s Day

By Katie Piscopio, Editorial Intern

Whether you still need last-minute Valentine’s Day plans, or hope to avoid the sappy romance at your singles dinner, NoWait, a mobile wait-listing app for anti-reservation restaurants, has the inside scoop on “the Super Bowl of dining-out days.” Find out how people really feel on Valentine’s Day underneath the passionate layer of love with NoWait’s survey results on dining-out behaviors for Valentine’s Day. The poll of 150,000 restaurant-goers reveals what sets the mood — and what turns us off. Take a few tips from these results to head home from dinner feeling love-struck!

Pet peeves can ruin the night: Is it possible to find love in a restaurant on Valentine’s Day? Common complaints include long lines or crowds (more than half of respondents said they would only wait up to 30 minutes for a table), mandatory prix-fixe menus, noisy neighbors and more. Place yourself on the wait-list for your favorite restaurant in advance to make for a romantic night, annoyance-free.

Italian food sets the mood: Respondents selected Italian restaurants as their top choice for Valentine’s Day. Share your spaghetti and meet for a kiss in the middle as you indulge in the passionate, saucy flavors of Italy.

Love is deeper than cost: Nearly 76 percent of respondents aim to spend less than $100 on a Valentine’s Day dinner for two and find it more important to celebrate love. Don’t let cupid strike an arrow into your bank account and instead focus on being happy in your relationship.

We are creature of habits who appreciate food: The main criteria when choosing the perfect place to play footsie under the table boils down to our favorite restaurants. Nearly half of respondents prefer a familiar atmosphere where the food is good, regardless of ambiance. Good eats and good company are the perfect recipe for romance!

NoWait now boasts more than 85 restaurants in the Pittsburgh area, and among them, Sienna Mercato, Mercurio’s, Senti Restaurant & Wine Bar, Rivertowne, Shiloh Grill, The Porch at Schenley, Shady Grove, and Salt of the Earth, make our short list for Valentine’s Day!

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NoWait Dining Survey, Valentine's Day 2015
NoWait Dining Survey, Valentine's Day 2015
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