Natalie Mihalek & Jeremy Stuck

Photography by Paul Meyer

Natalie Mihalek and Jeremy Stuck went on their first date to Bravo! Cucina Italiana at the Waterfront, and as Natalie recalls, the couple was so caught up in conversation, the check sat on the table for 45 minutes, untouched. They hit it off, but Natalie was a student at Purdue University at the time, visiting home over holiday break and “didn’t expect [the relationship] to go anywhere.” But her expectations were exceeded after Jeremy came to visit her at school. Just a few weeks later, the relationship turned serious — and by that summer, she had transferred to the University of Pittsburgh. During another Christmas break two years later, the pair made plans to go to dinner. Jeremy picked Natalie up from Barnes & Noble — “Where I was reading a bridal magazine of all things,” she says with a laugh — and on the walk to Bravo!, they paused in front of the twinkling Christmas tree at the Waterfront, where Jeremy dropped to one knee. On the morning of their wedding, the couple shared breakfast at their favorite place, the Dor-Stop Restaurant. They said, “I do,” and celebrated with 75 guests at James Gallery on a perfectly temperate and sunny day. “Neither of us cried during the ceremony, which was shocking. We were both so happy,” she says. The Stucks danced a loosely choreographed first dance to “Come Rain or Come Shine,” and as a surprise later in the evening, Jeremy arranged for the Roger Barbour Jazz Quartet to play Natalie’s favorite jazz song — fittingly, it was “Someday My Prince Will Come.”

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