Moio’s Italian Pastry Shop Specializes in Refined Italian Recipes

By Julie Pawlikowski | Photograph from Tony Moio

With three generations of classic Italian recipes, refined baking techniques, and a repertoire of delicious baked goods, Moio’s Italian Pastry Shop has all of the ingredients to bake the perfect wedding cake. The shop’s rich history of love and family bonds shines through their dedication to creating the cake of every couple’s dreams. “At my bakery, it seems to be simpler is better,” says owner Tony Moio. Though catering for a large number of guests can be daunting task at first, Moio’s works with their clients so they can easily stay within budget without compromising great taste. “A lot of wedding cake pictures online show off the rolled fondant cakes, which are beautiful in design, but at $10 a slice, they can be costly,” says Moio. “And to me, the taste doesn’t justify the look.” Moio suggests opting for dessert tables or for a smaller wedding cake with a sheet cake to serve to the rest of the guests. Large wedding cakes can start around $800, but choosing a smaller four-tiered cake with a sheet cake can still serve a large crowd for closer to $500. “That’s a nice savings!”


Moio’s Italian Pastry Shop, 4209 William Penn Hwy., Monroeville. 412.372.6700. 

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