By Andrea Bosco
Photographs from MIX Salad Concept, Inc.

MIX Salad Concept, Inc. co-founders Lia Vaccaro and Rachael Bane are fulfilling a demand to bring Pittsburgh’s workforce nutritious and flavorful meals that satisfy. Says Bane, “There seems to be a general consensus in Pittsburgh that salad is a weak menu option, something that won’t leave you feeling satisfied. Our company is aiming to help shift that mindset.” The pair, utilizing a commercial kitchen at the Pittsburgh Public Market, will make and deliver fresh and nutritious salads for lunch to area businesses, on a subscription basis, in the Strip District, Downtown, and the East End. As a perk to employees, employers can choose to offer this twice-a-week service. “Our goal is to bring a healthy alternative with a cool twist to the food scene,” says Vaccaro. Each month, consumers can choose four options, which includes meat, seafood, vegetarian, and vegan, as well as local and organic ingredients, based on seasonality. The Chatham University business school grads developed their business model as cohorts in the East Liberty-based, co-working space Thrill Mill. “Thrill Mill has been such a catalyst for us; its support has been key to getting our business off the ground. We’ve made this commitment to better health and wellness in the workplace,” says Bane. We’re ready to order!

MIX Salad Concept, Inc., |

MIX Salad Concept Pittsburgh

MIX Salad Concept, Inc., co-founders Rachael Bane and Lia Vaccaro.

MIX Salad Concept Pittsburgh

Lefkada Grilled Veggie Salad.

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