Photography by Stephen Barry of In-Vision Studio

All it took was exchanging a few messages on the dating Website, Jewish American Singles, for this pair to strike up their first phone conversation — which lasted nearly four hours! From there, the long-distance dating began (Daniel was living in Baltimore, Maryland, at the time, while Michele was studying to be a nurse at the University of Pittsburgh). Before long, they were visiting each other every two weeks. Sixteen months later, after sharing a family dinner with their parents at Monterey Bay Fish Grotto, the group arrived at the Duquesne Incline. After sending their family members up to Mount Washington, Daniel and Michele were ready to ride in their own car (where Daniel readied himself to propose), when six people joined them for the ride. Once they reached the top and were alone in the car again, Daniel proposed. They were wed in the Urban Room of the Omni William Penn Hotel beneath a breathtaking chuppah, created completely out of flowers and willow branches by Blooms Florist. Adding to the gold, purple, and ivory décor was a pear “tree” holding the guests’ place cards, the pears chosen because Birenbaum means “pear tree” in Yiddish. Their 183 guests looked on for their first dance, a spin around the floor to Natalie Cole’s “This Will be…An Everlasting Love.”

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