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Beth Stern Spoiled Rotten Pets

Beth Stern loves working with her husband, Howard, and it shows. When we heard about her new television show, “Spoiled Rotten Pets,” on Nat Geo WILD, we put in our request for a cover shoot. Even with the celebrity couple’s hectic work schedule (he’s taping “America’s Got Talent,” while running his mega-successful radio programs), they took the time to concept, style, and photograph this article exclusively for WHIRL readers. We think it’s absolutely purr-fect, darling!


by Beth Ostrosky Stern | Introduction by Christine Tumpson | Photographs by Howard Stern

Beth Stern Spoiled Rotten Pets

This was a whole day shoot. We started after I had my hair/makeup done in the morning. Broke for lunch. Then continued for the afternoon. We wrapped around 4 p.m. Our favorite shot is definitely the cover.

I was inspired by a Harper’s BAZAAR cover I saw with a model and a tiger. I wanted to showcase my “spoiled rotten cats” in this shoot and we both wanted to use Apple as our “cover” kitty. She was a bald, weak cat when we adopted her four years ago, and now she’s a beautiful cover star on my favorite magazine!

Howard has been taking his hobby of photography to a whole new level. He is very focused on lighting. His new photo studio has made for a perfect place for him to continue studying photography and taking pictures. We had a hallway in our basement that was dead space that proved to be an ideal area to create a mini photo studio. He had major lights installed as well as various rolls of paper for different backdrops. We both decided that a white background would work best for this shoot. I love being his subject and watching him take it so seriously. I think he’s really a fantastic photographer and he definitely captures me in a way only a husband can.

Beth Stern Spoiled Rotten Pets


• white with black markings

He’s our newest rescue, and was at NSALA for almost a year. He is such a jolly guy who loves his food. We had to put him on a diet and it’s torture for me when he meows for treats. It’s hard for me not to give in! Howard always catches me feeding him and gets mad.

Beth Stern Spoiled Rotten PetsWALTER

• not pictured

He’s camera shy and in love with Howard. He never leaves his side (or lap!).


• our 22-pound black cat

He survived one of the tornados that hit Alabama. He was the only animal in his shelter to survive. North Shore Animal League found him in the rubble and brought him back to their shelter in New York. I met him when I was there one day and fell madly in love.


• the tabby on the cover

Our first “special needs” kitty we adopted four years ago.


Beth Stern Spoiled Rotten Pets

I am currently hosting a show on Nat Geo WILD (Saturdays at 9 p.m.) called Spoiled Rotten Pets. I thought I spoiled my pets, but after taping this show, I realized I didn’t hold a candle to these pet owners! Howard and I often have sleepless nights to not disrupt our comfortable sleeping kitties curled on our bed, but that has nothing on the couple who lets their two huge pot-bellied pigs sleep in bed with them! And we’ve never planned an elaborate party for any of our pets, unlike the couple who had a lavish affair for their Pomeranian’s birthday. I think people will watch my show and start to spoil their pets even more! I had so much fun spending time with pets such as ferrets, reptiles (one man had more than 100 reptiles living in his basement!), a donkey, pigs, turtles, and even a pair of indoor ducks who wear diapers.

Beth Stern Spoiled Rotten Pets

I asked Erin McNeill, my makeup artist, to keep my makeup clean and pretty. She only changed my lipstick color during the course of the day to match the moods of the different dresses. My hair is naturally straight, so she used a curling iron to add some loose curls. My hair has gotten so long. I’m lazy and when I’m home it’s always in a ponytail. For events, I always wear it down and styled, just like in these pictures.

Beth Stern Spoiled Rotten PetsI wore the new spring dresses I am planning to wear for my upcoming promotional tour for Nat Geo Wild’s Spoiled Rotten Pets. For the cover shot, I am wearing a white lace Dolce & Gabbana dress. When I wear white, I like to add a burst of color. In this shot, I added the red silk flower for my hair and the bright lip color. Usually if I’m headed to an event, I’ll wear a bold- colored shoe with a white dress. I’ll wear this dress for my upcoming Chelsea Lately appearance — I think I’ll wear it with red shoes.

The white flirty dress in the photo shoot is by Alaïa. I wore it here with silver Dior shoes and a silver Ralph Lauren scarf tied around my waist — I’ll wear this outfit on The Talk.

The colorful, floral-print cotton dress was something I bought this winter, anticipating the bold-color trend for spring. The yellow Christian Louboutins make it even more fun and would be perfect for my Good Morning America appearance.

The long aqua dress paired with the beige Yves Saint Laurent sandals helped to create the more serene feel of the shot of me in the chair with the Oriental vase behind me. Inside that vase is where our beloved Bianca’s ashes rest. We miss that bulldog so much since she passed away last July! She was a big snorer, so we had to keep her out of our bedroom at night — we decided to let her rest forever in the one room she was never allowed in. She has been visiting me in my dreams every night, and I’m happy her ashes are so near where we sleep.

The yellow dress is by one of my favorite designers, Victoria Beckham. Her dresses fit like a glove, and, to me, are just so classic and pretty. Victoria really knows how to make clothes for a woman’s body. The navy bangle is from a flea market, and I love how Leon Bear’s eyes match the dress. This dress will be perfect for my Rachael Ray Show appearance. Perhaps I’ll go crazy and wear a bright shoe — I’m thinking hot pink!

Bianca’s Foundation

Beth Stern Spoiled Rotten PetsBianca the bulldog was like a child to Howard and me.

Howard and I got her when she was almost a year old and she was with us for nine and a half years before she passed away last July. Losing a pet is just awful and devastating. Since I don’t have children, I put all of my maternal instincts and love into my pets and she was the center of my universe. Bianca was so sweet and patient with our kitties and was by my side as I wrote my best-selling book, “OH MY DOG.” Since I work so closely with the North Shore Animal League America (NSALA), the world’s largest, no-kill rescue and adoption organization, I recently started raising funds to create an expansion called “BFF” (Bianca’s Furry Friends). This expansion to NSALA’s facility will be a cage-free environment for the felines and will also free up more space for the puppy mill rescues and adult dogs. I love that Bianca’s memory will help to save more lives.

This article is featured in the May 2013 issue of WHIRL Magazine.
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