Live Music in Greensburg

Edited by Rachel Jones  •  By Steve Gifford and Molly Zindash

At just 17 years old, Sean Barill has already done so much to expand the live music scene in Downtown Greensburg. For more than four years, he’s been performing with his band, Xavier in the Doghouse; organizing street festivals; and promoting DIY shows at DV8 Espresso & Gallery, bringing in musicians who have played on WYEP, NPR, Daytrotter, and more. These connections, as well as those gained during his band’s East Coast tour, only add to the success of the local space. DV8 welcomes artists of every kind, offering a space for live music, poetry readings, comedy shows, and a professionally run art gallery for nearly 15 years. “I see a lot of potential for Greensburg,” Barill says. “I hope others will choose to take action to build up our community and enrich those around us.”

DV8 Espresso & Gallery, 208 S. Pennsylvania Ave., Greensburg. 724.219.0804.

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