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Pamela and Matthew Wolff made a decision in early 2018, that it was time for a change in their lives. Pamela was on the road every week as her corporate hospitality position required. With their three daughters out of the house and living in DC and New York, Matt kept the home fires burning solo most of the time. They were missing each other and felt they were missing out on a truly rewarding and significant time of life. Then there was the loss of both of Pamela’s parents, her father in November of 2016 and her mother this past January. “Losing your parents is a wake up call for most people I think” she says. Matthew continues “We knew it was time to do something else. While working in broadcast television was very rewarding, it was a lifestyle that kept us apart.” Matthew has been a producer and cameraman for over 30 years.

“It’s funny, if you are open to it, life, fate, God will show you a path. Without even knowing what we were looking for, we found our opportunity. We knew what we wanted to achieve: more time at home, a business that would not only be successful financially but also bring something of value to our community. Something that could change lives, ours and others’.” What they found was OsteoStrong a new technology that offers impact emulation, or osteogenic loading. Billed as the ultimate biohack; by health guru Dave Asprey of Bulletproof Radio, osteogenic loading triggers growth in bone and muscle density and users range from elite athletes to deconditioned seniors.

As a woman, Pamela knew bone health was something to be concerned about, especially after watching her grandmother and mother suffer bone injuries that were life-changing and in her beloved grandmother’s case, life ending. “And then I found out that I have osteopenia. What a shock! I thought I was invincible! I was determined that I would not suffer the same fate.”

Pamela had been diagnosed with Osteopenia after yet another broken bone. Over the last two decades she had broken both of her arms, roller skating and sled riding, fractured her shoulder skiing, and finally experienced a hairline crack in her acetabular, the bone that covers the hip after a fall while playing with a new puppy. Matthew was worried. “Pamela is the rock of this family. I was very worried about her long term health. Especially for someone as active as she is.” They discovered OsteoStrong and their research led them not only to a solution for Pamela but a real mission.

“Once we discovered OsteoStrong and experienced first hand it’s many beneficial results, we knew we had to share it with the community that we consider home, despite moving away from Pittsburgh 25 years ago” says Pam. OsteoStrong presented the perfect opportunity for the couple to return to a vibrant Pittsburgh with a technology worthy of the city’s current reputation as a hub for all things cutting edge, in particularly the medical and technology fields. As a former sales and marketing executive, Pamela is excited to build awareness and understanding of this technology especially with those members of the community who can benefit in significant and impactful ways.

Matthew Wolff spent a good deal of his video career around professional athletes as a professional videographer. At countless games Matt witnessed injuries and at press conferences and interviews, he heard athletes discuss recovery, performance and retirement. He knew the dedication they had and how driven they were to push performance levels, but he saw frustration too. Matt immediately recognized the benefits that OsteoStrong could bring to both athletes and the many active adults for whom fitness and performance are key drivers. Matt would like to extend a personal invitation to both elite and amateur athletes to come see first-hand what 10 minutes a week can accomplish. Matt was born and raised in Squirrel Hill and is excited to be opening this location less than 2 miles from his childhood home.

Matt explains, “This technology can mean so much to so many. From those who need it to maintain their quality of life and their independence, to those who want to drive physical performance to new and previously unattainable levels.” And from a personal standpoint, I know first hand how thinning bones can be overlooked in a person younger than 50 or 60 even.” warns Pamela.

Matt and Pamela Wolff are excited to bring to the city of Pittsburgh, Osteostrong, an exciting new health and wellness franchise that delivers skeletal conditioning to people of all ages and levels of physical ability. Osteostrong delivers a patented technology for osteogenic loading, a triggering event that stimulates a series of health benefits including significant strength gains, improvements in balance and body posture, and perhaps most importantly, osteogenic loading stimulates bone growth, naturally and with a commitment of only 10 minutes per week.

“I think most people reach a point in mid-life where they want more… and less. More quality time with family, less time at work; more healthy eating, less stress; more focus on community and less on self”– Pamela Wolff

The Wolffs and WHIRL want to offer a sneak peak at this amazing technology prior to their official opening at 6125 Spirit Street in Eastside Bond in East Liberty. Opening Oct 1, WHIRL is proud to host this pop-up location at their One WHIRL Studio in Lawrenceville. Visit or call 412.365.5667 for more information.



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