Lauren Conrad Talks Paper Crown Bridesmaid Dresses and Her Best Wedding Advice

When it comes to wedding planning, what would Lauren Conrad do? We talked with the new Mrs. Tell on her inspiration behind her Paper Crown bridesmaid dress collection, available at Bella Bridesmaids. The ultimate planner also shared with us her best advice for blushing brides-to-be. — Andrea Bosco

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Photography: Kayt Jones/Martha Stewart Weddings.

What inspired you to create this line?

Lauren Conrad: The Paper Crown bridesmaid line really came to be in the most organic way possible. Last year, Maura Ohem, our co-founder and my best friend, and I were both planning our weddings. We were relieved to know that there was one thing we didn’t have to worry about…bridesmaids dresses! We would simply make them ourselves. After all, girls had been using our contemporary styles as bridesmaids dresses for years. Then, somewhere between selecting our favorite styles and colors we realized we had just designed a bridesmaid line. The rest is history.

How did your wedding influence your designs?

LC: It was important to me that my bridesmaids enjoyed the wedding and felt beautiful. When designing the line, I wanted to include a variety of dresses that would work for different body types and styles.

What is your best tip for brides choosing bridesmaids dresses to flatter each girl?

LC: Let them do that picking. You have enough decisions to make as a bride. Leave this one to your bridesmaids.

Going forward, are you envisioning Paper Crown to be the ultimate wedding go-to for brides?

LC: That’s the dream! I love weddings, and being able to play a small role in someone’s big day is so amazing.

Why is it exciting for you to be partnering with Bella Bridesmaids?

LC: Bella Bridesmaids gives the true service expert experience, where a bride and her bridal party can relax and know they have someone knowledgeable helping. We are excited to be supported and represented by its boutique shopping experience, knowing that our customers have the option to really get a sense of the entire Paper Crown bridesmaids collection. Also, the opportunity to partner with other self-starter women who we all have connected with on a personal level — it’s always great to work with fantastic people!

If there is one thing you could take away from your wedding planning and tell all brides, what would it be?

LC: Enjoy it! After all of the planning and prep there is so much pressure put on your wedding day. Do your best to have fun and not sweat the little things.

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:: Bella Bridesmaids, 1752 North Highland Road, Upper St. Clair. 412.854.4422.

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