One of the season’s newest trends has nothing to do with what you’re wearing — it’s all about where you’re shopping! On-the-go fashionistas are in luck now that a new, moveable boutique is motoring around Pittsburgh. Jackee Ging, owner of the appropriately named traveling boutique Style Truck, says she got the idea from InStyle magazine and immediately thought it was a brilliant concept. Her target market is busy, fashion-savvy women, keeping her girlfriends and her own hectic schedule in mind. “Since I traveled extensively for work, I can appreciate things that are fashionable and can be versatile,” she says. “My girlfriends and I shop every time we travel and longed for independent boutiques in our area.” She makes national buys in New York City for some of her merchandise, but also works with local clothing and jewelry designers when possible. She puts a lot of effort into selling fashionable lines that customers will love, but her favorite part is still seeing peoples’ reactions to the traveling boutique itself: “People are spotting the truck on the road, and tweeting or posting pictures on Instagram.” Stay tuned to social media, and get ready for the Style Truck to come rolling to an area near you!

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