Washington, Pa. Author Releases Debut Memoir, “Sacred Silence”

Sacred Silence by Kathleen Bowers

Photo: Michael Fornataro

Debut author Kathleen Bowers of Washington, Pa. is bringing her backstory forward in “Sacred Silence,” an unearthed memoir featuring paramount personal discoveries. After traveling on a Caribbean cruise, Bowers became inspired to uncover her family’s buried history. Determined to reclaim her beginnings, she noted perpetual enlightening moments, eventually flowing chapter after chapter in her newly published pages. “It was placed upon my heart to share with others through my experience that divine intervention works in our daily lives to bring peace to our spirit,” Bowers says. “This story within a story resonates with a compelling human theme of hope and self-discovery, which I believe is a gift of positivity to readers.” Her three-year quest was daunting, she says, yet compelled her to leave no stone unturned throughout the search for her truth. “The discoveries that have been revealed to me have given me so much understanding of the person I was for the first 55 years of my life and empowered me to now become my most authentic self.” — Andrea Bosco Stehle

“Sacred Silence” is available at CreateSpace.com and Amazon.com.


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