The diet or workout regime your best friend is loving right now might not be the best approach for you. Everybody — and every body — is different, so you need to find the customized plan to help you achieve the results you’re striving for. Amerifit Fitness Club is dedicated to providing all of the tools to make that happen, including two personalized programs we’re loving right now.

By Rachel Jones

feel the burn

Weight loss doesn’t come from a magic pill or a wishing well; it’s simple science. Burn out more calories than you take in, and you’ll start dropping pounds. Metabolism, which is the chemical process of converting food and drinks into energy, is the key player in the game. Even though it slows down over time, Jeannine Ferrie’s Metabolic Balance program can get you back on track. “It’s based on your blood values,” Ferries explains. “We have a doctor take a sample of your blood, compare it to other samples, and read the blueprint of your DNA,” Ferrie explains. “Based on the blood values of your hormones, we determine what your body needs to improve its metabolism.” Exercise is discouraged during the first week of the weight management program, due to the lethargic effects of the detox. After that, the doctor devises a food and fitness plan to improve your metabolism and help accomplish your goals. “It’s definitely a lifetime change,” she says. “We give you the plan, and I’ll be your coach for the year.” She’s also the only coach in Southwestern Pennsylvania, so get your assessment with her now!

work it out

Amerifit Fitness Club, Pittsburgh, Rasheed Marshall

Photography: Dana Baca

As a former WVU football standout and personal trainer for years, Rasheed Marshall is practically an exercise encyclopedia. To combine everything he knows about eating healthy, losing weight, gaining muscles, and getting results, Marshall was inspired to create an all-encompassing program to share his expertise with others. Enter: Team Marshall Fitness. Offering both 30-minute and one-hour sessions, Marshall works one-on-one with his clients — or in groups! — at Amerifit, in their homes, or outside to target a variety of muscle groups and training techniques. It may be intimidating to lace up those shoes and sign up for a session, but Marshall says it’s always worth it. “Workouts are supposed to be challenging and push you outside of your comfort zone,” he explains. “In a lot of situations, it takes a little extra effort and will power to achieve the results you set out for. Don’t be afraid of change.”

Amerifit Fitness Club, 100 Roessler Road, Green Tree. 412.341.3033.

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