Highmark Stadium and the soccer team which plays its matches there, the Pittsburgh Riverhounds, can offer a different type of experience if you are visiting Pittsburgh. The 5,000 seater arena is no match for other more illustrious venues in the region, but its unique charm and beautiful view of the city is sure to stay with you.

The Pittsburgh Riverhounds play in the United Soccer League and are somewhat of an unknown even for diehard soccer fans. In fact, if you want to bet on Riverhounds’ matches for example, you can only do that at places such as NetBet Sports as they specialize in betting on soccer.

However, we don’t recommend that you visit Highmark Stadium for the quality of soccer on display, even though you might be surprised of how well the Riverhounds kick the ball around. The reason why we recommend visiting the place is because it can offer a truly authentic Pittsburgh experience, far from the tourist crowds and popular attractions.

Tickets Are Cheap

Because the Hallmark Stadium is not in tourists’ guidebooks, the admission to the stadium is substantially cheaper than what you would find in neighbouring arenas of the more popular variety.

Another reason why ticket prices are cheap here is the fact that the stadium looks, well, pretty ordinary. There are about 20 rows of seats to choose from and the total capacity of the venue is around 5,000.  

Friendly Atmosphere

However, it is not the stadium that impressed us so much as the people who were in it. These were all soccer lovers, but they were not of the diehard type. No, they used the opportunity to get some air and watch a good game of soccer, while at the same time enjoy in the rather laid-back vibe that the stadium gives off.

Beautiful View

The view of the city from Highmark Stadium is one of the best things about the place. The main stand is situated under a gorgeous hill full of tress and abundance of fresh air and it looks directly at the high rising buildings in the city. In this way you as a spectator get to enjoy the wonderful cool air which comes down from behind you and a magnificent view of the city that tourists would kill to take a picture off.

When we visited the place, most of the spectators were seated in the higher rows and we must say that we immediately saw why they went up there. Family members and friends of the players were in the first rows of course, but that is completely understandable considering that the first row seats are really close to the action, which is another bonus if you decide to visit the stadium.

Parking is Cheap

Parking around the venue is also quite cheap. Station Square has lots of parking options and there is also a parking garage which charges hourly. Parking prices start as low as $5, while three hours in the garage, which would be considered as an adequate time to get to your seat, watch the game, and leave the stadium in a relaxing manner, would cost around $8.

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