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By Mandy Velez

You may remember Candace Cameron Bure as the oldest daughter on Full House, DJ Tanner, but the adult actress and mother of three is making a new name for herself lately. With a best-selling book, role on the ABC Family hit show Make It or Break It, and a role in the GMC channel movie, The Heart of Christmas, Candace tells us how she juggles a full house as well as a full schedule with her upcoming project.

The Heart of Christmas is based on a true story of the Locke Family and their 2-year-old son, Dax, whose struggle with Leukemia would not allow him to see Christmas Day. One little boy’s story sparks worldwide support and the “Decorate for Dax” campaign. Thousands in the community came together and decorated their houses for Christmas in October so that Dax would be able to live to see the Christmas season.

It wasn’t hard for Bure to jump into her role as high-powered mother and businesswoman Megan Walsh, who is inspired by the Locke family to change her priorities. “That’s something I can so easily relate to, because I try to juggle all of those things in my life,” Bure says. “But within the movie there is a change in her heart for her to see what’s really important and that’s her family.”

Her passion for the story line also encouraged her to take on her role as one of four fictitious characters in the movie. “I had gotten a script passed along to me and they asked me if I would consider being in it. I was in tears, just tears, within the first 10 pages of it,” Bure says.

They also learned it would benefit the real-life Locke family, who have a cameo in the movie. “The ultimate goal for this film was really for the Locke family, and their goal is to raise enough money, so they could run St. Jude’s for one day,” Bure explains. “They want to be able to give that gift to every family that walks through that door.”

Similar to her character in the movie, Bure had her own personal revelation which made her decide to become a healthier person, physically and mentally. It led to her New York Times’ Best-Selling book, Reshaping It All, which chronicles her own struggles with becoming physically as well as a spiritually fit. “Fitness and exercise and my faith are things I’m very passionate about,” says Cameron. “When I put the two together it totally clicked for me and made sense.”

A new movie, television show, and book seem like a lot for a mother to handle, but balancing is just another aspect of her character Cameron relates to. She advises that it’s a process. “It’s always about reprioritizing and just continually prioritizing, not just in the big picture, but the little picture, the day to day,” she says. “No one can do everything perfectly well every single day, but we can do our best each day.”

Realizing that life is short and you must appreciate every moment of it is just one of the aspects the touching movie will present to its viewers. For Cameron, “this movie tugs right at the heart. It just goes down deep and you just see this family truly put what’s important first in their life.” The movie has made Cameron reflect on her own family and the little moments that make them special. Although her family isn’t exactly like her Full House clan, she certainly sees those quirky moments with her own kids. “Sometimes you just can’t write moments like that in a script,” she laughs.

Viewers will be touched by The Heart of Christmas in the same way the Locke family has inspired so many people, including Candace Cameron Bure. “You’re going to look at it and your heart strings will be pulled back so tight. You’re just going to want to sit with your family and embrace the blessings that you have around you,” she says.

The Heart of Christmas airs on GMC. Check your local listings, or visit

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