By Maggie McCauley | Photographs by Maggie McCauley

I’ve had the occasional facial or massage, but never experienced a relaxing spa day. So when I was invited to do just that at Renew Skin Care & Laser Center, I was so excited! Who wouldn’t love making a Friday morning all about them?

Before I arrived, I already had my paperwork neatly filled out so I could jump into my treatments as soon as I arrived. After a few minutes of admiring the boutique-style welcome area, complete with products, jewelry, and other fun things for sale, Sarah Johns, Spa Clinical Manager, Licensed Massage Therapist, and Laser Technician took me back to the room where I would receive my first treatment: a Sedona Mud Body Wrap. She explained the entire process to me, so I would feel more comfortable.

With spa music in the background, I laid on the table under the sheet, wondering if I was going to like this. First, Johns used a sugar scrub on my back, before buffing away dry and dead skin cells with exfoliating gloves (which you get to keep!) all over my legs and arms. She showed them to me when she was done. I was part disgusted by what just came off of my body, part excited to see how soft my skin would be, and part curious if she got it all off. Then, she applied the pink-orange Sedona Mud with a brush. Remember face painting in elementary school? It was that kind of sensation all over your body. Then, it was time for wrapping! Underneath layers of plastic and blankets, I tried to savor this moment of relaxation. This is a challenge for me, to quiet my mind and focus on the present moment. But the calming atmosphere at the spa made it easy to do.

After a few minutes of laying in my cocoon, it was time to remove the mud. Johns wiped it off with warm towels, then left so I could go to the attached bathroom and shower. It was the best shower of my life! My skin was so smooth and radiant. A few minutes after I had returned to the table, Johns applied a hydrating lotion as the last step. It was like giving my body a drink of the moisture it had been craving all winter. There was a noticeable difference in my skin!

My favorite part was getting to wear a robe, flip-flops, and a headband to move into the next room for my facial. (That’s what I think of when I picture a spa day!) I’ve had facials before, but this was the best one that I’ve ever had. My face usually breaks out a little bit after a facial because I have very sensitive skin. But even two weeks later, I didn’t have any major breakouts! Ashley Thiel, Aesthetician and Laser Technician, asked what my skin care concerns were, and brightness was a big one. I just wanted to glow, look healthy, and not need to vigorously apply highlighter. Thiel chose a variety of products that gave me the look and feel that I always dreamed about! I also got to experience microdermabrasion. If you haven’t tried this yet, run, don’t walk, to Renew right now. It made all of the difference. It’s not painful, although it is slightly uncomfortable. But if you can handle blackhead extractions, then you’ve got this!

In the past, I’ve felt red and blotchy after a facial, and didn’t want to go out in public for days. That was definitely not the case this time. I had to run errands and get a blowout for an event after my spa morning. I was getting compliments all afternoon! Two weeks later, people are still commenting on my skin, asking why it looks so healthy and wondering where that glow came from. It was a fabulous morning, and I’m still enjoying the effects and benefits of both treatments. The only thing that would’ve made it better would be if I got to keep the comfy robe!

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