Gaucho Parrilla Argentina Serves Up Wood-Fired Fare in the Strip

By Andrea Bosco / Photographs by Cayla Zahoran

The boys at Gaucho Parrilla Argentina are smokin’. Literally. A stand-up Argentinian hot spot for fresh, wood-fired fare, owner and Executive Chef Anthony Falcon, a Brooklyn native and Mt. Lebanon resident, hosts an ever-changing chalkboard menu suited for snacking — and filling.

“The context of eating out is changing,” says Gaucho’s Anthony Falcon. “It’s becoming about going to a small, little restaurant, having high-quality food cooked by high-quality cooks, without the pretentiousness of a dining room table, silverware, and chandeliers. It’s cutting-edge.” Though, you can always count on Falcon’s daily display of fresh roses; it’s “his thing.”

Gaucho Parrilla Argentina, 1607 Penn Ave., Strip District. 412.709.6622.
gaucho parrilla argentina, strip district

The soup is a definite do. Gaucho cooks its goulash with seasonal ingredients and has done a roasted chicken and vegetable, and roasted acorn squash with cranberries and pecan croutons. Here, you see the kitchen’s beef and vegetable. Falcon uses steak and tosses in carrots, onions, peppers, potatoes, and fresh herbs for a hearty batch of savory stew. “We serve it with a nice, big hunk of Ciabatta, too,” he says.

Gaucho Parrilla Argentina - Strip District

Falcon presents six shrimp, seared with fresh rosemary, chopped garlic, cracked salt, and extra-virgin olive oil, on a small rectangular plate with a lemon wedge. It has just the right combination of char, citrus, and herb for supreme satisfaction.

Gaucho Parrilla Argentina - Strip District

Neighborhood chorizo — something Falcon feels familiarity for, having grown up in the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens. Gaucho uses spicy and garlic Parma sausage from the Strip, which Falcon dubs as “the best sausage in the neighborhood” and “the closest to what’s sold in New York.” Eaten solo, or with toast, it’s out of this world.

Gaucho Parrilla Argentina - Strip District

Next up is the New York strip steak, and it’s not your average slab. Simply dressed with extra-virgin olive oil, cracked salt, and butcher pepper, this is one of five cuts Gaucho offers. Falcon and his team of skilled professionals plate it with buttered toast and chimichurri.

Gaucho Parrilla Argentina - Strip District

Lastly, Falcon suggests the empanadas. Gaucho puts a spin on the Spanish staple by using steak in place of ground beef. “We chop it fine after we grill it, then use other various ingredients to make it bold and flavorful,” he says. The pleasing, golden-hued pockets are certainly a superior snack.

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