Fun Flower Arrangements for Your Wedding Reception

By Rachel Jones | Photograph from Ken Milko

A growing trend in the world of wedding florals is the freedom to mix it up! Ken Milko, owner of Flowers in the Attic, says pulling bright sorbet colors, soft neutrals, metallic details, and natural outdoor elements together is the best way to create these eclectic bouquets and centerpieces. For over 25 years, Milko and his team of experts have built a stellar reputation in the industry by combining the latest trends with each couple’s specific vision to achieve the beautifully unique arrangements of their dreams. Along the way, they’ve also perfected Flowers in the Attic’s signature set up: flowers under glass. By lining up rows of different colors and kinds of flowers under a sheet of glass, they create a whimsical mosaic display without crushing the delicate petals. “It works great for the escort table and the cake table as well,” says Milko. “I have been doing flowers under glass for many years now, and am pretty much the only florist I know that is doing it.”


Flowers in the Attic, 7505 Saltsburg Road, Penn Hills. 412.798.2200.

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